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Keep photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos, and more. Your first 15 GB of storage are free with a Google Account.
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Google Drive is a software developed by Google that stores and synchronizes files. The software allows you store your files in the cloud, synchronize them across numerous devices, as well as share them. The software offers you 15GB of free Google Online Storage, ensuring that you have enough space on the cloud to store photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos, as well as anything you need to store. Users are also given the option to share files and folders. You can instantly invite other people to view, download, or collaborate on all the files you want, without any email attachment required. You also have options to configure Google Drive to fit your needs.

15GB Free Space

As a subscriber to Google Drive, your storage works with other Google services including Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. You are provided with the ability to save email attachments, backup photos directly, and store files, using the free 15GB space available to you. You can purchase an additional cloud storage plan if you require it.

Keep any File

On Google Drive, you can save to the cloud any type of file including Photos, Video, Presentations, PDFs, and Microsoft Office Files. Basically, what the software is saying is that no matter the type of file it is, it can be stored safely in Google Drive.


Your files stored on Google Drive remain private until you want to share them. When you do decide to share them, you can quickly and easily invite other people to view, comment, or edit any file or folder that you choose. The software provides you with an easy to use online collaboration. You can also set certain preferences so that certain users can edit, view, or comment on documents that you share with them.

Safe and Secure

Google Drive takes the security of your files very crucial. No matter what happens to your device or computer, your files on the drive will always remain safe. The software uses SSL encryption for all files on the drive. This is the same security protocol that Gmail and Google services use.

Save Gmail Attachments

Google Drive works seamlessly with Google. Using Gmail, you can hover over an attachment, and search for the Drive logo. Here, you will be provided with an option to save the attachment directly and instantly to the Drive. Once there, you can then organize and share them from the comfort of the security the software provides.

Powerful Search

Google Drive can recognize objects contained in your images and texts in documents. Using the powerful search feature, you can search for any word, and be provided with documents and images that contain the searched word.


The Google Drive software is automatically built into Chromebooks, so your files and photos are automatically backed up when you are set up on it. You are provided with 100GB of free storage which is valid for two years with newer versions of Chromebooks.

Scan Documents

Using Google Drive for Android, you can scan all your paper documents such as Letters, Statements, and Receipts, and the software will convert them instantly to PDFs, and store them for you.


Google Drive offers a free version to users with a total storage capacity of 15GB. Larger storage plans cost more. The 100GB Storage costs $1.99, 1TB costs $9.99, 10TB costs $99.99, 20TB costs $199.99, and 30TB costs $299.99.

Team Drives

Google has released a version of Google Drive meant to facilite team sharing, as part of the G Suite Business tier and higher, called Team Drives. You can sread more about Team Drives.

Is the Google Drive software different from other Google Apps such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides?

Yes, Google Drive is different from other Google Applications in that the Drive is a place where you store documents such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides which are web-based documents.

Are my data stored on the Google Drive secure?

Your data stored on the Drive are completely secure. Your data is backed up and always stored, so regardless of what happens to any of your devices, your files will always remain safe.

What type of security does Google Drive use to ensure my data is safe?

Google Drive uses business-grade data protection, which is the same security protocol GSuite uses.

Are my files on Google Drive available for use offline?

Yes, cloud-based Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms can be viewed offline. However, you have to enable offline access to Docs editors. Also, My Maps is not available for use offline.

On Google Drive, where can I find the Drive File Stream cache?

If you want to access the Drive File Stream Cache, you can follow this directory: Windows: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\DriveFS Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Google/DriveFS

If I lose access to my Google Account, what will happen to the data I have on Google Drive?

If you lose access to your Google Account, local files such as those not created using Docs or My Maps will still exist if the Backup and Sync option is enabled. However, if you effect any further changes to the local files, it will not sync with the Drive, as your computer will not be able to grant authentication with Google Drive.

Do I have power over which sync application is used in my organization?

Yes, as the administrator, you can control which sync application is used in your organization.

Am I allowed to use Drive File Stream and Backup and Sync concurrently?

Yes, you can run both of these applications at the same time, if your organization allows it. To find out what will happen if you allow both applications, click HERE.

Is there any difference between Google Drive Storage and Google Cloud Storage?

Yes, the Google Drive Storage is for users, while the Google Cloud Storage is for developers.

If I have the same file in more than one Drive folder, does it count against my storage quota?

No, your storage quota will only recognise it as 1.

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