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Gusto offers fully integrated online HR services: payroll, benefits and everything else.
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Gusto is a great HR platform that combines payroll, managing benefits, human resources, and compliance features into a simplified package. It has won the 2017 Selection Award and the Supreme Prize for the same year. Designed for small businesses in the United States, Gusto enables these companies to become aware of the basic human resources needs of their workforce. The app also offers a robust set of pay features, an exceptionally well-designed user interface, and innovation and automation features impressed by experts. In addition, companies can use it at a reasonable price and tailored to their exact needs.

Gusto says that the mission of the company is to simplify complex business processes, such as human resources, benefits, and payroll for modern businesses. The company’s software is utilized by more than 40,000 companies across the country and has offices in San Francisco and Denver. Gusto combines excellent customer service with a comprehensive and easy payroll service. Gusto charges a basic $39 per month, plus $6 per employee or contractor. Here are some more reasons why Gusto is the best option.

Gusto offers all the small business needs of payroll provider. The service manages payroll and manages all tax liabilities. What makes Gusto attractive to individual companies and S companies is that their services are available to W-2 employees and 1099 contractors. With Gusto, you can manage as many payrolls as you want each month without any additional costs. This is especially useful for companies that work with contractors who are not all in the same payment schedule. Some of the services reviewed are based on their price on the frequency with which the companies paid the payroll monthly. Having an unlimited payroll gives you the freedom to pay everyone when you want, and you do not have to worry about the time of every contractor in the same payment cycle.

Gusto also deals with all payroll tax charges. Automatically, the company calculates, pays and charges local, provincial and federal taxes. Employees and subcontractors' W-2 and 1099 forms are generated and sent to them by the service at the end of the year. The platform is also able to automate the calculation, payment and filing of taxes on local, state and federal salaries of the company. In the meantime, companies will be able to pay by direct deposit or check, automate calculations, forms and taxes at the end of the year to avoid critical errors and save even more time in accounting.

Changing an existing payment method or app to a new one at any time other than the first year can be a monstrous task of data entry. You must have the last pay stub for every quarter of the previous year, with all the pay stubs for current quarter. Gusto simplifies this with its extremely useful user interface and free support from company payroll specialists. Keep in mind, however, that Gusto does not offer weekend or chat support.

Gusto does not need more than one data entry from your team’s data, where you have enough flexibility to decide how your employees are being paid and how their payouts, tax returns, and W-2 should be handled. Your employees can also add a date and pass important information even after leaving the business. The system will also automate all local, provincial and federal taxes on valid forms that can be used for any purpose. The Gusto team is aware of the trouble in running payroll for new users and as a result, provides a set of useful training tips and materials, as well as access to specialized help.

Gusto needs more information before you can manage your first payroll. You will need to assign a company signatory (a company’s official) and enter your tax liabilities during the payment process. There may be an additional configuration for the benefits administration, additional deductions and attachments are allowed as well as occasional refunds (travel expenses, phone charges, etc.). Once all these elements have been established, you must enter certain information into each employee record. Of course, you can add employee and service records and change other settings later. Again, these are the standard elements of a small business payment system that supports every application. The difference lies in its execution, and Gusto’s is excellent.

Benefits Administration

Gusto already integrates some of the benefits functionality with its payroll software, but earlier this year, the company launched a new human resources service with a comprehensive dual benefits administration (BA) combined with 401k management, a catalog of employees, as well as document management. Integrated with payroll, the service currently focuses on medical, dental, vision, life insurance and disability coverage.

The benefit service that the company has estimated as a "Health Benefits Advisor" is based on the recommendations, with an automated algorithm that recommends personalized health plans for the employer's budget based on their current payroll data, place, number of employees and average salary. Benefits administrators can choose a level that matches your company's budget, then set more detailed terms of policy, such as contribution and receipt or premium plan levels. The recommendation algorithm evaluates the plans according to the specifications and the quality of the operator.

Gusto also helps streamline employee onboarding, helping ensure you have a smooth process to get new employees up and running quickly.

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How much is Gusto?

Gusto’s monthly base price is $39 plus $6 per person for the Core plan.

What does Gusto do?

Genuine (previously ZenPayroll) is a company that offers a cloud-based payroll, benefits and solutions for human resource clouds for businesses in the United States.

Can I pay independent contractors with Gusto?

Of course yes. As well as your employees, the contractors can also be paid by you through Gusto. Automatically, they store and send them their 1099s at the end of the year without any additional costs.

Does Gusto integrate with accounting, time-tracking or expense software?

Yes, they are integrated with popular financial software, which includes QuickBooks, Xero and FreshBooks, as well as time and cost tracking software, and so on.

What is Gusto's Payroll on AutoPilot?

Gusto can automatically run your payroll. For salary or hourly employees with fixed hours, you only have to decide when to pay them, and Gusto will do it automatically. You will even send a reminder the day before, in case you want to change it.

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