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Simple time tracking, fast online invoicing, and powerful reporting software. Simplify employee timesheets and billing. Get started for free.
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Harvest is a time tracking web-based app that helps you monitor time and automatically send invoices directly to clients when due. Operate your business with insight and keep it ticking with Harvest.


Harvest is an internet-based software for time tracking, invoicing, expense tracking, and real-time reporting for businesses. With Harvest, you can send invoices online and automated reminders for payment to clients who have delayed in paying an invoice from the software. And, with payment options such as PayPal and Stripe, your clients can make payments easily. Harvest as a Software as a Service can be integrated with Twitter to monitor live tweets. The software, which was established in 2006, is trusted by over 50, 000 business, and in the last ten years, has tracked 400 million hours and a total earning of $13 billion.

Harvest can be accessed from many devices making it easier to keep track of your businesses. Its free Android and iPhone apps available on Google Play store and App Store, make it easy to record expenses and manage payments from anywhere using your mobile devices. With Harvest for Mac, you can now monitor your team as well as track time. Harvest can also be accessed on Chrome and Safari browsers, with all of its features present.

Time Tracking

As with most businesses, time and money are important factors. Harvest, provides you with answers about how much a projects cost, as well as how much revenue is being brought in. With time tracking, you can uncover vital information about your business as well as that of your team. However, it might be a challenge to remember to track time yourself manually. But with the use of Harvest’s built-in timer, time and expense tracking becomes easier with one click. Harvest also provide you with real-time data on projects, budgets and time that can help you better manage your team more efficiently. It also has an automatic reminder feature that helps ensure that your team submit their work on time. Its powerful reporting and invoicing features can track and report un-invoiced amounts and unbilled hours, as well as automatically generate and send invoices to clients. Its sister app, Forecast, also helps you schedule your team, determine how long a project will take to come to fruition, and improve your estimates.


Harvest works seamlessly with over 90 applications, ranging from project management applications, accounting, finance & payment applications, to productivity and connectivity applications. Some of the popular applications that can be integrated with Harvest include Xero, Asana, PayPal, QuickBooks, Grapple, Trello, and much more.


Harvest offers three pricing plans. All plans include time and expense tracking, compelling reporting, endless estimates and invoices, alerts for project budgets, timesheet permission, integration with over 100 applications, application for iPhone, Android, and Mac, financial institution level security, and phone and email support. The first plan available to one user and two projects is free to use. For unlimited projects for one user, it costs $12 per month on the Solo Plan. Lastly, the Team Plan accommodates two users and more, with unlimited projects for only $12 for one person per month. Harvest also offers a 30-day trial period and does not require your payment details to sign up.

How do I set up a payment plan on Harvest?

Go to Invoices > Configure > Online Payment and select either PayPal or Stripe.

How do I create an Invoice?

Go to Invoices > Overview > New Invoice then selects your client, fill in the New Invoice page, preview your draft, then select Save Invoice. You can choose to send the invoice right away or save it for later.

Can I attach documents to an Invoice?

You can attach documents to an Invoice before sending it to your client. Simply click the Attach Files on the Invoice page to attach your documents.

How can I create an Estimate?

Simply go to Estimates > Overview and select New Estimate. Pick your client, then fill in the fields, and click on Save Estimate. You can choose to send the Estimate right away or save it for later.

Can I add funds to an existing Retainer?

Yes, simply go to Invoices > Retainers, select the retainer to which you want to add funds, select the retainer page and click + Add Funds, create a free-form invoice of the amount you will like to include to the retainer. Click Save and Send to the client.

What is the Client Dashboard?

The Client Dashboard gives your client access to all unpaid invoices and new payments. Your client does not need to log in to your Harvest account to access it.

How do I know if my client has paid their invoice online?

If your clients have paid their invoices online, you will see their Invoice marked as Paid.

What online payment integration is available on Harvest?

Harvest offers online payment integration such as Stripe, PayPal Standard, and PayPal Business Payments.

How do I link my Harvest account with Stripe?

Simply go to Invoices > Configure > Online Payment and select Connect with Stripe.

Can I deactivate a Payment Option?

You can deactivate a payment option if you no longer need their service. Simply go to the accounts settings in the application, and deactivate.

Is there a limit on the amount I can pay with a single transaction?

With a verified PayPal account, you can send up to $10, 000 in a single transaction.

Are there any special prices on Harvest?

Yes, there are. Harvest prices are discounted for non- profit organizations, educational institutions and classroom benefits. Also, a huge discount is offered for teams of 50. For more information, you can reach the sales team at

How can I get the free plan?

You can sign up for the free plan at the end of your 30-day trial.

Can a payment order be created before I make payment?

Yes, a payment order or quote can be created for companies with over ten people that require it. To request for it, contact

Does a single payment cover Harvest and Forecast?

No, Harvest and Forecast are billed independently. Though, you get a 10% discount for using both apps together. Contact for more information.

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