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With HelloSign. you can quickly sign & send documents online using your electronic signature. No printing. No scanning. No hassle.
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HelloSign is a cloud-hosted electronic signature software which enables its users sign, fill out, send, retrieve, and also save documents without paper. The software allows you to fill out and sign documents on all devices including computers, tablets or mobile phones.

All you need to do is to email a document to another party and request for the document to be signed. HelloSign does not need the receiving end to have a HelloSign account before being able to receive documents, nor do they need to pay for the service.

Documents that are sent for signing using the software can be shared with other software such as SkyDrive, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, or Google Drive. HelloSign can help you complete your paper works in due time.

The software offers you numerous features such as Templates, Automatic Email Reminders, and Integrations with thirds party apps, Flexible Workflow, Team Management Tools, Enterprise Based Security and a host of others. It is available on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android devices. Top Brands such as Samsung, Twitter, Lyft, StackExchange, General Assembly, Intuit Workforce and Instacart make use of HelloSign for their businesses.


HelloSign integrates perfectly with third-party applications such as Google Sheets, Slack, HubSpot, Salesforce, Zapier, Evernote, Wufoo, GSuite, WooCommerce, OneDrive, Infusionsoft, many more.

Flexible Workflows

HelloSign allows you to sign documents or request signatures from up to 20 different people at once or in any order you see fit. Also, when documents are fully signed, everyone that is involved in the document will be provided a copy of the signed document in their inbox. You can also see how your documents progress using the status notifications that keep you in the loop throughout the process.

Bank Level Security

Your documents are important and may contain certain sensitive information. To keep them safe and secure, HelloSign makes use of SSL encryption while your file is in transit. This means that when a file is in the process of being shared from one party to the other, it is entirely safe throughout the process. Also, for storage of documents, the software uses a secure server infrastructure which is hosted as a state of the art Tier III, SSAE-16 data center with appropriate certification.

Team Management Tools & Templates

With HelloSign, admins are provided with team management tools. These tools allow you to view all team documents and put up certain settings in place for team members such that only the right team member has access to documents. Also, you can put in place frequently used documents with your signature such that when the need for it arises, you can easily send the saved template.

Audit Trail & Two-Factor Authentication

With each document on HelloSign, you will be provided with a log of the party’s name, email & IP address as well as a record of the exact day and time that an activity on that document occurred. With the software’s two-factor authentication, you can also secure your documents from prying eyes.


There are four pricing options available to you on HelloSign: The Free, Pro, Business and Enterprise plans. The Free plan includes three documents per month, 1 Sender, Integration with Google Drive, Status Notifications, and Audit Trail. At $15/month, the Pro plan features Unlimited Documents per month, 1 Sender, 1 Template, Data Validation and more. For $50/month, the Business plan includes Unlimited Documents per month, 5 Senders, 5 Templates, Branding, In-person Signing and more. The Enterprise Plan offers users all the features of the Business Plan plus Salesforce Integration, SSO, HIPAA & SOC 2, Advanced Admin Features and many more. Contact the Sales Team for pricing details on this plan.

What is HelloSign?

HelloSign is a software that allows you to send documents for signing without the need for papers and pens.

Who can use HelloSign?

HelloSign is designed for businesses and organization, as well as individuals.

Is HelloSign free?

No, HelloSign is not free. However, if offers you a free trial version.

How long does HelloSign’s free trial version last for?

HelloSign offers you a free trial version which lasts for 30 days.

What is included in HelloSign’s free trial version?

HelloSign’s free trial version comes with all of the features of a paid plan.

Can I pay for HelloSign for a year upfront?

Yes, HelloSign gives you the option of paying upfront for a year’s subscription. You will also be provided with a discount when you pay for a year.

How do I pay for a year’s subscription for HelloSign?

To pay for a year’s HelloSign subscription, visit the HelloSign Pricing Page and select Annual at the topmost part of the page.

Can I change my credit card information on my HelloSign account?

Yes, you can change the credit card information on your HelloSign account anytime you wish.

How do I change my credit card information on my HelloSign account?

To change the credit card information on your HelloSign account, simply log into your account and click HERE to update the card on your account.

Can I enlarge the size of my signature on HelloSign?

You can adjust the size of your signature on HelloSign. To do so, click and drag the bottom right-hand part of the imaging box after you have positioned the signature in the page.

Can I add members to my team on HelloSign?

Yes, you can add members to your team on HelloSign. However, you must be on the Business plan and also an admin.

How do I add members to my team on HelloSign?

To add members to your team on HelloSign, simply sign into the admin account and click on Team located at the left part of the page. Type in the email addresses of the members you will like to add and select the Invite button.

How do I cancel my HelloSign subscription?

To cancel your HelloSign subscription, simply hover over your email address and select Settings > Billing > Cancel Subscription. You will be sent an email to confirm your cancellation action, and your account will be downgraded to a free one.

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