Highfive makes your meetings awesome with insanely simple video conferencing designed for your meeting rooms, featuring video conferencing hardware and software built together.

Product Information

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Highfive provides an amazingly simple video conferencing service. The software requires no pin codes, cables, remote, or downloads. Highfive is loved by a number of top brands including Shift, Codecademy, Scopely, and Betterment. Highfive is simple, and enjoyable, and can prove to be an impactful addition to your business or organization, especially if you regularly deal with customers and clients from a different country than yours.

Highfive has come to revolutionize the way online meetings and conferences are conducted by removing the clumsy performance issues associated with video calls. The software was initially introduced to the market in 2012, and it currently caters to over 2,000 companies and organizations.

Highfive takes care of all aspects of video conferences by putting in place audio and video hardware. It provides you with sophisticated templates and designs for video conference rooms. Highfive also offers you simple and high quality video cameras which can be placed anywhere in a room, so you do not have to purchase any external device. The software is a wholesome package, also providing additional microphones or headsets. With Highfive, you also get to enjoy High Definition video and sound quality to enhance your video conference experience. The software can work on any device and is very quick and easy to set up. Highfive also integrates seamlessly with top business applications.

High Quality Video Conferencing

Highfive offers you high quality video conferencing using just a single device. In minutes, you can power the room with audio, video, and screen sharing. The software offers you a low-light sensor which automatically adjusts to light, so you are looking your best always. The video conferencing camera is equipped with a 120-degree field of view, meaning it can capture an entire room without zooming. You are also provided with crystal clear audio which can cut out background noise.

No Downloads Required

Highfive provides you with one of the easiest ways to participate in a video meeting. No pin code, passwords, or download is required to do so. Anyone in your company can instantly join meetings directly in Google Chrome browser. Using the calendar integration, you can easily create a meeting and instantly join in using a simple click in your browser. Highfive can be used on any device, anywhere in the world to enjoy video conferencing and screen sharing.

Screen Sharing

Using the screen sharing feature, you can communicate effectively with remote participants, and at the same time project it onto the TV in a meeting or conference room. Anyone in the meeting room can also share their screens directly from the internet, Mac, Windows, or Android mobile devices.

Mobile Device

You can enjoy all the features Highfive has to offer while on-the-go. You can start up and join meetings from your mobile device. An amazing feature that mobile offers, is the ability to access the software without an active internet connection. Using a single click, you can automatically dial in via phone, or receive a meeting call from wherever you are.


Highfive offers you four pricing options to choose from - Essential, Standard, Professional, and Professional Plus. The Essential plan costs $99/mo/room paid annually, and features an all-in-one device with sample, cloud conferencing software, Unlimited Wireless TV Projection, Unlimited Video Conferencing, Unlimited Remote Screen Sharing, and many more. The Standard plan costs $189/mo/room paid annually, and it encompasses all the features of the Essential plan, as well as Up to 50 points per meeting, Single Sign-On, and Active Directory, and many more. The Professional plan costs $279/mo/room paid annually, and lastly, Professional Plus costs $329/mo/room paid annually, both offering amazing features as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I given when I buy Highfive?

When you buy Highfive, you will be given hardware for all rooms, both small and large, as well as a software that works with the hardware.

What does the Highfive software entail?

The Highfive software contains applications for all your devices including OSX, Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

What software do I need to connect to Highfive on laptop, phone, or tablet?

The same software which works with other operating systems can also be used on your mobile devices.

Can I combine different Highfive room bundles?

Yes, you can combine two bundles for use at a time. For example, you can combine the Standard plan with the Professional plan bundles on one account. Doing this will enable you to get audio devices from Dolby in as many rooms as you desire.

How does the per room pricing work on Highfive?

Highfive is a meeting room, and as such should follow such principle. Per room pricing means; all your meeting rooms and the entire organization can make use of screen sharing and video for every meeting and call at no extra charges.

Does Highfive offer free trials?

Yes, Highfive offers users a free trial version.

How long does the trial period last for?

Highfive offers a trial period which lasts for 30 days.

Can I make an order for the Highfive package?

Yes, you can make an order for Highfive.

How do I order Highfive?

To order for Highfive, simply Contact Sales, and a specialist from Highfive will help you get started.

Can Highfive be ordered outside the US or Canada?

At the moment Highfive does not ship outside the US or Canada. For updates, stay tuned to the website and blog, as plans are being made to start selling internationally.

Will Highfive work outside the US or Canada?

Highfive has not been certified for use outside the US and Canada, so it cannot be guaranteed if it will work or not.

What is Highfive's return policy?

Highfive offers you a free 30-day money back guarantee. You can as well contact the Highfive team for a refund if for any reason you do not enjoy the software.

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