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Intelligent SaaS Optimization
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Intello Services

Spend Management

Intello securely integrates with your financial applications (accounting system & ERP) to uncover all of your organization’s software subscriptions. This includes every expense from the small monthly subscription to the enterprise level agreements. Transaction data is matched with a database of software companies to uncover every software payment within the organization.

Usage Tracking/Analytics

Intello utilizes a large library of integrations to connect with your SaaS applications and SSO provider to view usage of all connected apps and users. View all inactive and active users and deprovision licenses in real time. Filter usage by dates, teams, and customized tags.

SaaS Operations Management

Intello pulls in data from multiple sources to view your entire application portfolio (SSO, expense and finance, directory services, etc.), surfacing application license, cost, and renewal data in a single console.

License Management

Intello's Engagement-based License Management includes insights on engagement and provisioned users by app, notifications on upcoming renewals and recommended actions, automatic deprovisioning, and upgrade or downgrade of licenses based on individual usage patterns, reminders when licenses are running low.

Renewal Management

Intello uses the data pulled to ensure application owners are prepared for upcoming renewals with dates and usage analytics.


Intello integrates with your cloud applications, enabling you to view the permissions and risk level of add-ons with access to your organization’s data. Discover third party connected applications, as well as view and sort applications by risk level. Uncover shadow IT. Manage third-party connected applications. Ensure applications meet your compliance specifications.

Intello Pricing

Intello's pricing ranges from $500/mo with 100 users to $4000 per month for 2000 users.

Intello Review

Intello is a leading SaaS discovery, management, and optimization provider. By integrating with existing cloud software and leveraging a proprietary browser extension, Intello provides companies with real-time visibility into all of their SaaS data. Organizations of all sizes are using Intello to save money on unused subscriptions and automate software vendor security.

Intello platform: Intello's platform uses login information and integrations to derive data on your SaaS software. Intello goes deep on integrations, making its data reliable, but also limited by what software it is integrated into. Deep, but potentially narrow.

Intello demo

Intello will provide a free demo upon request.

Intello vs. Blissfully

While Intello specializes in application engagement analytics and license optimization, Blissfully's software goes beyond basic analytics to include a complete SaaS Management platform, including automated and customizable workflows, and a broader data set that goes beyond integrations.

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