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Transform your Web & Mobile (iOS, Android) designs into clickable, interactive Prototypes and Mockups. Share and Collaborate on them with others. Get it FREE forever!
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InVision is a tool that provides a platform for collaborating on design drafts and receiving feedback from team members and clients. Currently, there are more than 1.5 million users who use InVision to manage their design processes. InVision provides its users with the ability to take any image, design or sketch from different sources like Photoshop, and transform them into an interactive design which can be implemented and used on any device. In addition to creating prototypes, users are provided with tools for collaboration, user testing, workflow, and feedback.

InVision makes the design and prototyping process easy for companies and organizations. It provides users with prototyping tools and functions that enable them to create better and functional prototypes that can be presented to their clients. The software makes it easy for users to share links for immediate feedback, and also give instant comments instead of sharing JPGs or PDFs, and waiting for a response from the other party. There are over 20 tops brands that are registered customers of InVision. Some of these brands include Uber, Yahoo, Huge, IBM, Evernote, Mobify, HP, Sony, Visa, Twitter, Nike, PayPal, Salesforce, and Zendesk.

Real-Time Insights

The InVision software allows your company to visualize whatever is in the works, from the high-level view to the pixel. Users can also easily get feedback from copyrighters, developers, and sales, as well as any other body that is crucial to your work process.

Team Activity

With InVision, you are always in the loop. You can get real-time updates either from the company, a lone project manager, or any member of a team. You can also see which members are online, and the projects that team members are working on, as well as see what phase a project is at, at any given time. InVision will live stream your whole product design process, in one place.

Manage Projects

You can now manage your project with clarity using InVision by taking control of all aspects of your project process, from whiteboarding to prototyping, presenting and gathering feedback, and user testing, all within the app. There is no stage of the design process in which InVision cannot handle.

Built-in Class Security

InVision's built-in security allows you to manage and protect important and sensitive company information with flexible cloud-based storage options, enterprise-grade administrative controls, and compliance adherence. The expert security team at InVision conducts 24/7 monitoring, and alerting, ensuring that all works are completely safe in their care.

InVision offers its users other features such as Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration, Unlimited Asset Storage and Sharing, Custom Branding, VIP Service, and Seamless Workflow Integration.


There are currently five pricing options available to users of InVision. The first plan which is completely free accommodates only one prototype. The Starter plan costs $15/month and can host three prototypes. At $25/month, the Professional plan features an unlimited number of prototypes. The Team plan also provides users with unlimited prototypes, but for$99/month and up to five team members. The Enterprise plan, in addition to Unlimited Prototypes, includes other advanced features.

How do I change my password on InVision?

To change your password, simply log into your account, click on your name at the top right corner of a page, then select View Profile > Password, type in your current password, enter the new password, and select Change.

Can I change the name on my account?

Yes, you can change your name on your InVision account.

How can I change the name on my InVision account?

To change the name on your account, simply log in to your account, and click on your name at the top right corner of the page. Select View Profile, under the Name field, effects the necessary change and click on Update Settings to finish.

How can I delete my InVision account?

To delete your InVision account, contact InVision support with a formal request using the email associated with the account to be deleted, to delete your account. Can I recover files and data from a deleted InVision account? No, when an account is deleted, all files and data associated with the account will be lost as well.

Can I reset the password to my InVision account?

Yes, you can reset the password to your InVision account. To do this, go to using an incognito tab, then select Forgot Password, type in the email associated with the InVision account, and you will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

How can I update my email address?

To update the email address linked to your InVision account, simply log in to your InVision Account, and click on your name at the top right corner of the page. Then select View Profile, fill in the email address field with the new email address to be used and then type in your password, and click on Update Settings. Check your email to confirm the email change.

Can I pause my InVision account?

Yes, you can pause your InVision for $5/month. While your account is paused, any remaining time associated with your account will be returned as credit to your account.

Can I revert from a yearly plan to the monthly plans?

Yes, you can switch from a yearly plan to the monthly plan. Simply click here.

What are InVision's refund policies?

If you originally purchased a paid InVision plan and then downgraded to a lower plan, you will be charged by InVision a token, the next time you are billed for a new plan. Also, when a paid plan is cancelled in order to avoid auto-renewal, the change is implemented immediately.