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Jamf Pro is comprehensive enterprise management software for the Apple platform, simplifying IT management for Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV.
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Jamf is a management software for all Apple devices designed for IT experts and businesses to provides synergy for all their Apple products. Jamf is a great Software-as-a-Service for a lot of businesses because it enhances efficiency, and provides mobility to your business.

Jamf is a mobile tool that helps you manage all your Apple devices. Introduced to the market originally in 2002, Jamf has kept on its legacy by maximizing aspects of businesses such as Remote Updates, Imaging, as well as keeping Inventories. More than ten top 25 fortune 500 companies and over 4000 schools around the world rely on Jamf today. Jamf provides top-notch device management for your businesses, by providing you with Security, Updates, and high quality device Troubleshooting. An excellent feature of this tool is that these tasks can be run automatically. Jamf will also alert you when there is an available update for your Apple devices.

Since there is a chance that all your team members may not be on the Apple platform, Jamf also helps to set up such devices in accordance with the phones that are to be used on it such that your team members can partake in this innovation.


Jamf will protect your company and data using Apple Encryption, Automatic Patching, Management Commands, and much more to reduce risks, and take out security concerns. This tool will also tackle breaches and vulnerabilities while maintaining your privacy and experience because the company understand that privacy and security are great deals for many businesses. With Jamf, you can also restrict users from downloading certain applications, by hiding system apps and preventing downloads. You can be assured that only approved applications are installed on devices with Jamf.

Inventory Management

With Jamf, you can track the status of your device with IT inventory management. Keeping inventories can be a daunting task, but with Jamf, it can be a lot easier. The software enables you to automatically receive inventories, organize, as well as export them. You can also set up a group to help you keep tabs on all your inventories, as well as software versions, and security compliance.

Applications Management

Jamf optimizes productivity by helping you distribute pre-configured applications, as well as designate which applications go to which team members, and the time in which they do. You can distribute these applications from the AppStore to MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones. With Applications Management for Jamf, it is possible to send out operating system’s updates efficiently, and monitor the upgrade process.

Self Service

With a single click, Jamf empowers users with immediate access to content, resources, and applications. The self-service catalog can be customized in a way that gives users access to features they require, such as Bookmarks and Shortcuts, E-books, Videos and Guides, E-Mail, VPN, and other Configurations, Single Sign-On Integration, and many more.


Jamf offers are two (2) pricing options to its users: JamfNow, and JamfPro. At $2/month/Mac or iOS device, JamfNow is billed monthly, and free for the first three devices, with the option to add more devices at $2/month/device. This plan can be cancelled at any time without questions being asked. JamfPro costs $6.67/month/Mac device, and $3.33/month/iOS/tvOS Device. Billed annually, JamfPro provides onboarding for an additional cost. It features Unlimited Phones, Chats and E-Mail Support, Premium Support, and many others.

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