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Free screen sharing, online meetings and team collaboration are all fast and easy at Show work who’s boss.
Product screenshot of is a productivity tool that provides companies and organizations with a platform to organize or attend meetings, collaborate and exchange ideas, and discuss business from outside of the office, online. You can set up personalized URL meetings, and others can participate using a simple, automated email notification feature. This email will contain instructions on how the attendees can join the meeting, as well as grant them access to share screens, and partake in the meeting using video and audio means. You are also provided with the option to record meetings you hold, and store them on the software's secure database.

The software which was developed by LogMeIn is easy to use, as it does not require any special training or custom installations. Without downloading any software, you can sign up, and begin to create or join meetings. The software also offers a free version which can accommodate up to 10 participants, and includes amazing features.


Mobile offers users a mobile platform where they can meet face-to-face using supported mobile devices. The tool is available on both Android and iOS mobile devices. The feature allows you to share documents, presentations, and whiteboard in real time. Using a simple click of a button, you can instantly meet face-to-face and share device screens, mobile apps, and web pages.'s mobile whiteboard is the simplest and most effective means to share and visualize ideas. Using the canvas, you can draw, edit, and add images until you are satisfied. The mobile apps are available for download in the Google PlayStore for Android devices, and AppStore for Apple Devices.

Screen Sharing

The software allows you to carry everyone along using the share a screen feature. You can share whole screens, or part of a screen and protect the other half from being viewed. An amazing thing about screen sharing is that you can continue working on a document that is not being shared, and no one will be any the wiser. Team members can take turns in sharing their screens, by taking on the role of presenter from the organizer.

Video Conferencing has made video conferencing a lot easier and more seamless than ever. It is easy to start a video conference, and you are provided with colourful video bubbles which you can move around your screen, to make the experience fun and enjoyable. Using the free version, you can create a video call and have up to 3 participants. With the paid plan, however, you can host up to 10. The software has even made the experience easier, as attendees do not need to sign up to be able to partake in the video conferencing. In addition to iOS 9 mobile device users, browsers such are Google Chrome also has the capacity for it.

Pricing offers you three pricing options to choose from - Free, Pro, and Business. The Free plan allows you to organize as many meetings as you desire, but can only accommodate 3 participants per meeting. Other features of the plan include Screen Sharing, Chat with Participants, Transferring of Files, etc. The Pro plan combines all of the features from the Free plan as well as Window Sharing, Recording, Meeting Lock, etc., and it costs $20/month. Lastly, the Business plan combines all the features from the other plans as well as 10 Video Streams, 250 Participants, and Advanced Management Capabilities, and it costs $30/month.

Are there any discounts for non-profit organizations on

Yes, offers special discounts for non-profit organizations to find out more, click HERE.

Does charge extra for using the conference line?

Your telecom service provider may charge you for dialling into a conference line that is not a part of the toll-free audio service.

Does offer a toll-free service to users?

Yes, offers a toll-free service to you. Find out more from Toll-free audio: Admin guide.

Can I change the name or picture on my profile?

Yes, you can change the name or picture on your profile.

How do I change the name or picture on my account?

To change the name or picture on your account, simply log into your account, click on Name in the upper right corner of the page, and select Edit Profile. Edit whatever information you will like to change, and click Save.

Can I display my initials instead of emojis on

On, only Pro and Business users can choose to show participants either emoji or initials.

Can I create a personal link to invite people to join a meeting on

Yes, you can. However, only Pro and Business subscribers can create personal links for a permanent meeting room.

What is Personal Background?

Your personal background on is an image or picture that people see when they are waiting for you to start a meeting, and also when the meeting is over. You will also see the personal background when you log in to

On, can other people see my number during a conference call?

The only person that can see your number during a conference call on is the organizer of the meeting.

What does the Lock a Meeting feature on do?

The Lock a Meeting feature gives you the power to choose who can see your screen.

Can I use the Lock a Meeting feature?

Only Pro and Business subscribers on can use this feature.

Can I remove a participant from a meeting?

As the meeting organizer on, you have the power to remove any participant any time you feel like.

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