Product screenshot of LastPass

LastPass is a software that provides password management service by storing passwords in secure accounts. LastPass works seamlessly with web browsers and offers plugins for web interface and applications for mobile devices.

LastPass is a password protecting software that stores all your passwords, as well as secure notes and documents, all protected by a master password. In layman terms, LastPass is like a vault containing all your passwords, and secured notes. LastPass works mainly in two ways; In a browser, and on a device.

LastPass for Browser

You can get the LastPass software on your favorite browsers, by installing the extensions into your browsers, to enable you to save and access your passwords. After downloading the LastPass extension, you will be able to find the LastPass button in the toolbar of your browser. This is the button you will use to log into LastPass every time you use it. The LastPass extension is available for all your web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera mini.

After downloading the extension for your browser, you can then create an account with a secure and safe password, and allow LastPass do the rest. When creating this master password, it is advised to use a passphrase that you can easily remember – it can be a lyrics to a song, or a quote from a favorite movie or TV show.

With LastPass, forgetting your passwords will become a thing of the past, as the software gives you access to fill your vault with sites you frequent, and save their login details. It can also import or upload passwords from a different password manager.

LastPass for Mobile Device

LastPass is also available on mobile device platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows. The app is backed up to their servers, and syncs with all your devices, such that they can be accessed anywhere. With fingerprint enabled devices, your thumbprint can also be used to access the app rather than the master password.

LastPass can also work great for your family. You can store and share family information, such as medical accounts, credit card information, as well as entertainment like Netflix and Hulu. They can also be organized into neatly arranged folders either by family members, or type of account, so everyone can easily access what they need. With the emergency access feature, you can also make your account available to another LastPass account of your choice, so they are not kept out in unforeseen situations.


There are five pricing plans available to customers on LastPass. The first plan, which is absolutely free, can accommodate only one user but has interesting features such as Access on all devices, secure notes, two-step authentication and many more. The Premium plan at $2 per month, can also only accommodate one user, but in addition to all the features on the free plan, also has emergency access, 1GB encrypted file storage, priority tech support, LastPass for applications, and many more. The Family plan, suitable for families can take up to six users and costs $4 monthly. This plan features six premium licenses, Family Manager Dashboard, Unlimited Shared Folders and so many other features. The fourth plan, which is Teams plan accommodates 5-50 users, at $2.42 per user. In addition to most of the features of the lesser plans, the Teams plan provides Admin Dashboard, Easy User Management, Standard Security Policies, Basic Reporting, etc. Starting at $4 per user, the Enterprise plan can accommodate over five users, with features such as Dedicated Customer Support, Cloud App Positioning, API Access, Group Management, Advanced Reporting, and so many other features including those from other pricing plans.

How many people use LastPass?

LastPass has more than 13,000,000 users, including 13, 000 businesses and organizations.

Why should I choose LastPass?

LastPass will help you keep and secure all your passwords, saving you the frustration of remembering them.

How secure are my Passwords?

Your passwords are very secure. LastPass uses local only encryption, meaning that you are the only one that can have access to them.

How can I make payments on LastPass?

LastPass uses Stripe to authorize your payments, but it can receive payments from MasterCard, American Express, Visa, Debit Cards, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club Credit.

Does LastPass offer a free trial?

Yes, LastPass offers a free trial period, giving you all the access to features for a limited period of time.

Do I have the option of changing or cancelling my plan at any time?

By contacting our Support Team, your plan can be changed or cancelled at any time you desire.

Can I access LastPass on Windows 10 EDGE?

Yes, LastPass can be used on Windows 10 EDGE. Simply visit the Windows Store to install.

How can I export the data from my LastPass account?

Simply click on the LastPass icon, select More Options, then Advanced and click on Export to export your usernames and passwords.

Can I change my master password?

Yes, you can change your LastPass password, but only from the browser extension, or the vault online. To change your master password, launch the LastPass extension, select My LastPass Vault, then Account Settings, select Change Master Password, type in the new master password, and then click Save Master Password.

Is there a way to recover my LastPass password?

LastPass cannot send or help you retrieve your master password. It is advised to use a phrase that you can remember at all times.

How do I enable the LastPass icon in my Chrome browser?

Click on chrome: //extensions, check if LastPass is listed among the extensions, and click on it to enable.

How do I enable the LastPass icon in Mozilla Firefox?

Click on Menu > Add-Ons > Extensions, check that LastPass is listed there, and click Enable.

How do I enable LastPass on Safari?

Navigate to Safari Preferences > Extensions, check that LastPass is listed, and click Enable

Can I log into different LastPass accounts, using the same computer concurrently?

Only one account can be logged in at a given time on the same computer.