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Lucidchart is your solution for visual communication. Online flowcharts, diagrams, UML sketches, and ER models have never been easier. Start a free trial today!
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Lucidchart is an online service that allows users to create and design flowcharts, software prototypes, website wireframes, organizational charts, designs, mind maps, and any other diagram type. Lucidchart works with popular web browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.


Lucidchart is the perfect diagramming software that provides businesses and individuals with a web-hosted, user-friendly platform packed with features and functionality that helps them with their diagramming needs. It is an ideal tool for managing projects and brainstorming with team members. The tool can be used to construct diagrams to convey ideas, create maps and project, and present structure and organization for professionals, and enterprises.

With more than 6 million users globally, Lucidchart is used in a number of industries such as Engineering, Development, Web Design, and Business Sectors. With Lucidchart, users are provided with a forceful chart making and diagram platform, which enables them to create and design catchy and professional looking designs, for business presentations, organization charts for the workplace, and illustrations for emergency exit.

Apart from designing these diagrams, Lucidchart enables its users to integrate these diagrams into various standard formats, or publish them to different online document viewer. The tool’s interface is user-friendly, providing its users with easy and reliable sketching and flowchart diagrams. Lucidchart integrates perfectly with popular business systems such as Google Drive, Google Apps, Atlassian Apps, JIVE, and many others.

Concept Map Maker

The Concept Map Maker feature is the perfect diagramming tool for capturing and organizing your ideas and thoughts on the screen. With Lucidchart, it is easy to create, save, and share your concept maps. The tool’s concept mapping software is a generator for concept map, with a drag and drop feature that is faster than using pen and paper. You can start diagramming from any PC, OS X Operating System, or Linux. This feature gives multiple users to view, and comment on the same document from anywhere in the world, as well as collectively build concept maps by collaborating with others in real time.

Flowchart Software

Lucidchart’s flowchart software is the most powerful flowchart software available in the world today and quite easy to use. It allows users to create professional flowcharts and diagrams to communicate with your target audience visually. This feature gives users the ability to transition between devices easily, to create or modify a flowchart. Users are also provided with professional templates to help them choose the perfect layout. When changes are made to your flowchart, you can save them, and give your team members access to see them.

ER Diagram Tool

Lucidchart offers its users a free ER diagram tool that makes data modelling fast, efficient, and reliable. You can start from scratch, or with a template to draw ER diagrams easily online. ER diagram shapes are provided from the EDR library, ensuring you have all the resources to create professional, industry standard entity relationship diagrams.

Org Chart Software

You can design jaw-dropping organizational charts with Lucidchart’s org chart software. It provides users with diagrams that look amazing and passes the information across. Lucidchart also equips users with a shape library that gives them everything from UML symbols to network diagramming tools, so users are never at a loss for images.


Lucidchart offers two basic pricing options to users. The first one is free for only one user and provides real-time collaboration, as well as shape libraries for different cases. The Basic plan for $4.95 per single user/month paid annually, features unlimited shapes and document, as well as 100MB of storage.

What can I use Lucidchart for?

You can use Lucidchart to make, present, and share any kind of visual communication such as website wireframes, UML designs, and mobile apps.

What kind of support does Lucidchart offer its users?

Lucidchart offers its users a support portal, which is a base for all customer service needs.

What is the response time for customer support on Lucidchart?

Lucidchart’s response time is less than 24 hours (business working days).

Does Lucidchart offer free trials?

Yes, Lucidchart offers users free trials.

Would I lose my documents if I do not subscribe after the free trial?

No, you would not lose your documents if you do not subscribe after the free trial. You will always have access to all your documents whether you subscribe to a paid plan or not.

Can I update my Lucidchart account to the free education account?

Yes, you can upgrade your account to the free education account. Simply send an email to, or visit this page to get started.

Using a personal account, can I collaborate with other users?

Yes, all accounts on Lucidchart give users the ability to collaborate and share with other users.

Are there any discounts for non-profit organizations on Lucidchart?

Yes, Lucidchart offers discounts for annual accounts for non-profit organizations.

Do Lucidchart offer discounts for educational organizations?

Yes, Lucidchart offers free accounts for students and teacher. To find out more about how to get these discounts, visit this page.

Does Lucidchart run an affiliate program?

Yes, Lucidchart offers an affiliate program. If you would like to partner with Lucidchart, visit the Lucidchart Affiliate Program to find out more information.

How do I create a new document on Lucidchart?

To create a document on Lucidchart, simply log in to your Lucidchart account, then click on + Document in the upper left corner of the Documents Page to create a new document.

How do I add and connect shapes to my document?

To add and connect shapes to your document, choose and select a shape from the toolbox at the left-hand side, drag and drop it to the canvas, flicker around the edges of a shape, crosshairs will appear, then click and drag to the edge of another shape.

How do I import files and images to my document on Lucidchart?

To import files and images, select Import in the upper left corner of the Documents Page, choose from the list of import options, then click to upload a file.