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A set of powerful APIs that enable you to send, receive and track email from your app effortlessly whether you use Python, Ruby, PHP, C#, Node.js or Java.
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Mailgun is a trustworthy email automation service for developers. This transactional e-mail integration of the API provides a comprehensive service for receiving, sending and tracking emails sent through applications and websites. The service is designed to meet compliance standards with an emphasis on reliability and simplicity. There are many incredible features incorporated in Mailgun, which are; Intelligent Input Routing Features, Powerful Sending Tools, Advanced Tracking, and Analyzing Features, as well as Email Verification Features. All tools work together to deliver excellent performance with an intriguing level of diligence that ensures a positive reputation in sending. In addition, the tool is fully customized to your needs with easy integrations to your structure and language.

Check the homepage of any transactional email service and find the logos of various companies that use this service to send their messages. But check Mailgun's landing page, and you will find a number of popular logos of applications and services that you will use on a daily basis, from Lyft and Slack to development tools such as Heroku, Strip and GitHub. Created by Rackspace team, Mailgun is called a message service created for developers, and it shows.

From the beginning, you will see a code that will test Mailgun on your device or your app. Then, dive into the API, and you will see that it offers more than just sending emails. You can send up to 1,000 personalized emails with one API invitation, making it easier to send emails from your app in bulk. You can also use email tags to segment the lists of your email, start A/B tests, or customize your email based on your audience.

And for your audience, all the statistics of your email will be tracked by Mailgun, which include the email recipient's location, devices and email clients, click-through links, and more. You will not even have to log in to Mailgun to check your email statistics. Mailgun can send a web checker to your app every time an email is delivered, opened, or anything that can happen with your email.

Then, you can keep talking to the audience, thanks to the inbound Mailgun routing. Whenever someone responds to your email, Mailgun will analyze the message in JSON, convert it to UTF-8, and send it to your application. You can then configure routes that can automatically direct messages to the inbox or application you need. This way, you can get quick response notices, view emails in your app, make sure everyone sees emails from your most important users or anything else you'd like. You will even have a spam filter, so you will not have to deal with unwanted messages.

Mailgun is designed for developers. It integrates perfectly with popular languages, including; Ruby, C #, Java, PHP as well as Python. With all powerful APIs, the platform allows you to receive, send, and track all emails without any effort. The software automates the process of delivering e-mail by giving outgoing e-mails an excellent opportunity to land in destination inbox. Furthermore, the API control panel makes it easy to monitor the events of each email. In addition, simple API summaries, as well as simple SMPT integration, eliminate mess when sending mass or transaction emails.

Mailgun has great inbound routing and storage functions. For example, the intelligent e-mail analysis tool makes it easy to interpret email data. All incoming emails in your application have been completely transcribed and analyzed. The three-day temporary storage combination makes it easy to retrieve incoming emails at the most convenient time. In addition, the Smart System Statement presented helps you manage millions of incoming emails with few rules. This gives you a smart way to completely resolve unwanted messages. In addition, the use of advanced algorithms automatically detects and removes signatures or quotes.

Mailgun has the ultimate reporting function. Your search records ensure that you are aware of what's happening in your email. In addition, labels provide a more convenient form for A/B test and data reporting. With Mailgun features, you can be sure to pay full attention to your application and acquire all of the email features you would like, without having to encrypt much, but also provide email services to your customers and more. It automatically isolates each of your domain so you can send emails separately from each of your business projects. You can also set up accounts for each of your clients, manage their e-mail, and create rich tools for them while leaving Mandrill all the heavy emails in the background.

Mailgun is a great way to send emails if you are looking for a tool that will make your developer team do more using emails, without spending more coding time. And you're sure to send emails quickly, with 99.9% speeds that are proven with detailed records of their status page.

Can I get multiple Domains and IP Address?

By default, they give you a shared IP address. If you want a dedicated IP address, just click the "Add Dedicated IP" button in the Control Panel IP section of the control panel.

Do I need a dedicated IP address?

It depends on many factors, but we recommend that you use a separate IP address if you want to send more than 50,000 emails per week to isolate your reputation. Use a shared IP address if you want to send less than 5000 messages a day, and a shared IP address is your right solution. Use a group of dedicated IP addresses if you are a large volume sender because the ESP limits the total amount per IP per hour.

How do I decide on a domain name for my Mailgun account?

The domain name of your email is quite essential for receiving messages: if your domain name is, it means you can receive messages sent to

Can I rename a domain

No, you must create a new one and delete the previous one. It's good to create a new one first.

What if I need multiple SPF records?

If you use multiple e-mail servers and want one SPF entry for each of them, you should not configure a separate TXT record for each of them. You must include several servers in the same registry.