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The world is taking on a new look. Saying that the world is a global village is already an old vocabulary.

Within the last decade, there have been lots of upgrade in the Information and communications technology world. Today, there are multiple means of communications, but one of the most trusted is the email message sending service.

These days, there are much more to email sending apps than just sending and delivering messages. Email apps can do more, or rather, people want them to do more than they currently do. The basics are just not good enough for them anymore.

One reason why users trust the email services is due to the level of security attached to them: Password recovery, one-click confirmation and all that. But do you know that there could be more? Yes, with the Mixmax app for email, you can maximize your effectiveness and productivity in more ways than one. Mixmax also provides additional security and background checks for your email message protection. There is so much to explore with Mixmax.

First, have you ever wondered how many people in your group messages have read your texts? If you are passing an important info people, you want all to read it?

When you send group messages, it shows as delivered once it is posted, and once anybody reads it, it seems as if your info is passed, but there are many members of the group that might not yet have read it. That is where Mixmax email optimization service begins to give you additional functionality. It shows you when your message is first read, and by who, and also tells you all those that have opened the messages and when they did. Giving you an idea of who is left out and if they need resending. Then there is Scheduling of meetings. Prior to Mixmax’s intervention, it took a series of back and forth interaction to confirm scheduling of meetings directly from emails. But with Mixmax, you have a one-click schedule. It allows you or your guest to pick multiple dates that are comfortable and the app handles the scheduling based on the reply.

Sometimes, you want to write basic emails with specific concepts, Graphs or progress reports. Mixmax has superb inbuilt templates that provide a fundamental backdrop for you to create great emails every time. With this feature, you avoid casual copying and pasting of messages, but rather you can build on the unique template.

Going to a meeting, party, service or even a vacation? Do you have messages you need to be delivered while you are away? Mixmax’s email scheduling solves that for you. You can write your emails ahead of your journey, and then set a time that you want it to be delivered. Mixmax will give your messages as at when due; be it within hours, days or weeks.

Do you need specific responses from your recipients? Mixmax also enables you to create a poll inside your email. The recipients of your email can vote in the poll without fear of their email been exposed. It’s easy and efficient, and the results will be delivered to you in a beautiful dashboard. Not only are polls possible, with Mixmax, but you can also add different surveys inside your message. Your recipients can answer directly and do not need any additional plug-ins.

Also, you can express yourself with animated gifs: there is a collation of gifs that you can select and add to your message to spice it up, and you can also add unique signatures that identify you to specific audiences even with a new email address.

Did you notice a mistake in your email after sending it? No problems, you can recall your message and then edit before resending. This helps you avoid sending multiple messages and apologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mixmax work with Outlook?

Unfortunately, no. Mixmax is only available as a Chrome extension for GMail. It currently isn’t compatible with Microsoft Outlook. Also, unfortunately, they do not yet have mobile apps for iOS and Android, but not for long. The designs for them are in the oven, and they hope to launch them soon. They are also open to ideas on features that you would like them to prioritize in the apps. Do let them know of any unique ideas you have.

Does Mixmax take long to understand its use?

Installing Mixmax is quite simple in CHROME, and just putting your cursor over options gives you a breakdown. Additionally, Mixmax doesn’t need multiple plug-ins, and the display is very clear. This subtle, minimalist approach makes it very easy to use.

What is Mixmax pricing?

Mixmax has an array of options. They have a free plan which offers unlimited basic email tracking and the ability to schedule ten messages a month. Then there is a higher level. The starter for this higher level goes for $9, and it gives unlimited access to all of the features of the free plan, but it doesn’t stop there. With the upgrade, you do not have to add the previously mandatory Mixmax email signature. A higher upgrade is the professional package which goes for $19 and the final one is the Premium which goes for $49.

Does Mixmax have additional integrations like Dropbox?

One unique advantage of Mixmax is that it has multiple integrations. With Mixmax, you can attach files and documents not only from Google Drive but also from your favorite services including Dropbox or Box.

Does Mixmax allow custom templates?

Yes. With Mixmax, you are not limited to the custom templates provided by the app. You can create and use custom tempalates. Additionally, you could even download editable templates or use a model that was sent to you via email. It’s that easy and convenient with Mixmax.

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