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Mixpanel is an advanced analytics solution that can be implemented for mobile devices and the web. While most analytics platforms evaluate site views, Mixpanel takes a different approach when measuring and analyzing the steps or actions of those who access your system or application. With Mixpanel, an action can be everything. For example, it can vary from someone taking a picture, uploading a video, or sharing a post. Mixpanel was designed and developed to enable businesses and organizations, regardless of size, to effective tracking and user behavior analysis. This feature was once reserved for large, financially-funded organizations.

With Mixpanel, tracking user behavior is now easy for large and small businesses, regardless of how limited their time is and funding. Mixpanel is utilized by the customer success and customer support teams, as well as the upper management of the company. The customer success team uses Mixpanel to monitor the use and engagement of the existing users. The Customer Service Team is primarily using the product to download certain actions that users take to replicate errors or detect the cause of the problem. Upper management uses this to stimulate product participation and make decisions about how it is developed on the basis of current use.

Prices for mobile analytics and Web Statistics tools are based on usage. This is important for small players who would otherwise not be able to afford sophisticated real-time web analytics that offers an advanced platform like Mixpanel. Now, all businesses, regardless of their size, can use advanced statistical tools used by industrial giants, such as, RosettaStone, eBay and Mixpanel knows that pageviews are not the best way to track user engagements. Activities are the key.

Even non engineers can get the answers they need without a lot of technical knowledge. The visualization tool for Mixpanel makes it easy to create custom queries and customer emails. The software allows you to explore your data, even allowing you to learn how users constantly invite their friends. You cannot get this information from the simplest graphs of chart trends or from pre-defined reports.

With a Mixpanel funnel, you what customers did and where they dropped off the funnel. Mixpanel’s Retention Reports show that users value their apps. Take action on what you learn and send automated notifications to your users on your mobile devices. Mixpanel is an excellent resource for companies that want to understand their user base better.

Mixpanel offers a reliable and accurate analysis of user behavior for mobile and web applications. In one month, Mixpanel estimates 67 billion actions and presents that information to its customers in a clear, complete and easily digestible way. Regardless of whether the application is web-based or iOS and Android, you can easily measure actions, not just page views.

While most of the data analysis often involves writing SQL queries, which is easy for data engineers and scientists, the same does not apply to normal people who simply want information that does not have to be decoded. Data analysis does not have to be difficult. With Mixpanel, you get a simple and easy interface that lets you deepen and discover how people behave in your app, providing you with a more accurate look at how they make use of it and giving you information on how further make your product develop.

In short, Mixpanel is a platform based on events where tracking does not mean capturing and evaluating page views and clicks. It is a platform that measures your application based on an event. Companies have utilized Mixpanel to track events, create sales streams, and discover trends. Mixpanel is more specific compared to other analysis service providers, and the data they provide have many opportunities to offer. With billions of events and knowledge that Mixpanel can help you collect, improving your product based on the actions of your users has become a walk in the park.

Behavioural messaging

Mixpanel enables you to send notifications based on users actions. For instance, you can use it to improve client retention by analyzing the conditions in which users choose to leave your product and then send targeted messages designed to bring them back. This is an incredibly powerful feature that bridges the gap between data analysis and action.

Easy to use web interface

The online interface makes it easy to view events and gather information. Queries can be generated by selecting actions and related properties from the drop-down menu, and the corresponding information will be displayed. These queries can be bookmarked for later use. A table display view and CSV export options are also available. Multiple queries can be presented together, making it easier to compare two sets of data or relationships between them.

How is mixpanel different from Google analytics?

Mixpanel is quite different from Google Analytics in an essential way; Mixpanel actually monitors the actions that the users are taking in their mobile or web application, rather than monitoring the pageviews.

What should I track with Mixpanel?

The advantage of the MixPanel is to select exactly what you want to see instead of automatically receiving default metrics for all sizes.

How do I create a tracking plan?

When working with Mixpanel, they recommend the creation of a monitoring plan (also called a specification of implementation) that describes the business objectives and problems.

How do I track sources of web traffic?

When setting up your Mixpanel implementation, one concern of special interest is to track users based on the source of the traffic. By default, Mixpanel is part of that web tracking in the form of super special features.

What languages does Mixpanel work with?

They presently have official libraries that support Javascript, iOS, Android, and Java. They also have code samples written for Python, PHP, Ruby and ActionScript. Library information and code samples are available in the developer's documentation.

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