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New Relic

A digital intelligence platform used by developers, ops, and software companies to understand how your applications are performing in development and production.
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New Relic is a software analytics platform that helps businesses analyze and derive vital and relevant information from billions of metrics across millions of apps and help turn these data into modern software. Deployed by startups, medium-sized enterprises, and giant corporations alike, New Relic boasts of tools, features, and support that help businesses build business software that is faster, better and high performing. Although New Relic's Browser works as a standalone monitoring tool that can deliver a breakdown of page load times, common browser usage, and JavaScript errors, you'll want to supplement the tool for the best value. Along with New Relic Application Performance Monitoring and New Relic Servers, the New Relic product suite can help you to truly understand if, when, and why your website is properly working.

New Relic gathers, stores, and analyzes data and turn them into insights that help businesses develop more useful and better software for their business. Here are some of the core advantages New Relic brings to the table:

  • Software developers can focus on writing new codes than spending significant time troubleshooting them.
  • Top management can easily come to very intelligent business software decision.
  • Mobile application monitoring tool aid teams in creating high-performance, stable mobile applications.
  • Improve browser-side performance and attain powerful performance insights.

New Relic Browser is always collecting your data. Unlike other systems that take snapshots of your network's performance every 30 seconds or only begin collecting data when an issue occurs, New Relic is a running log of your website, app, and server's performance. The tool's Error Rate chart shows you what percentage of your users are frustrated and when. If you click on the chart, you'll be able to see the steps that are slowest and the different types of errors occurring—all without having to instrument any customized charts or data collection. You'll be able to filter the data within the Error Rate chart and click through to see every exception that resulted in a customer problem and see exactly where on the page it occurred. This is especially critical for businesses with customers experiencing issues close to the shopping cart or registration pages. By digging into the chart, you can see the exact line of code and parameters where the exception occurred. Moving forward, you can set up an email alert that brings you directly to this page so that you can immediately make tweaks and adjustments, without having to trace the entire journey from your home dashboard.

How much does New Relic cost?

Starting from: $24.00/month. Pricing model: Freemium, Open-source, Subscription. Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required).

What database does New Relic Insights use?

New Relic Insights is powered by a highly-distributed cloud-hosted event database with an innovative architecture that does not require indexing.

Does New Relic use their own software?

Yes, of course, they do have their own software.

What service does the company New Relic provide?

New Relic does "software analytics." It sits inside your app and tells you things you didn't know from your live production app.

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