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Provide secure identity management and single sign-on to any application, whether in the cloud, on-premises or on a mobile device for your employees, partners and customers with Okta.
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Okta is a leading cloud hosted Identity Management software designed for businesses and organizations to manage employees’ access to any software or device. Connect with people on other applications, using any device on Okta today.

Okta operates in the cloud on a safe and reliable platform which works seamlessly with on-premise applications, Identity Management Systems, and directories. The software gives a new meaning to Identity Management by removing challenges associated with Identity Management such as Identity Issues, Employee Mobility, Vendor Partnership, and Security. With features, such as Provisioning, Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Mobile Identity Management, Active Directory and LDAP Integration, Okta has come to be quite the force in leading the world to a sustainable future. In the last 12 months alone, Okta has recorded a total uptime of 99.97% because the software is designed for maximize uptime and provide eminent availability.



Okta IT products are engineered towards security leaders and IT. At the topmost level, these products ease the way users connect to technology while maximizing efficiency, and ensuring IT environments are safe. The IT Products provide users with:

  • Universal Directory to organize and manage user attributes,
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) that saves users from chains of passwords by giving them access to applications in the cloud, mobile devices, or on-premise,
  • Lifecycle Management that provides users with access to automatic onboarding and offboarding with smooth communications between applications and directories, and lastly,
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to secure your applications with a wide framework that works with all your apps.
  • API

Okta can solve your very difficult enterprise architecture challenges, by providing programmed access to the Okta Identity Cloud, ensuring your developers build fantastic user experiences. Okta’s API’s and widgets can be used to design customized login or user portals. It can also be used to construct a customized admin experience for customers or managers. Using the wide range area of Okta’s API, you can get to the root of difficult Identity Integration, Automation Challenge or data. Scripts can also be launched to adjust user data or integrate apps automatically.

Integration Network

With more than 5,000 pre-built integrations with applications and devices, Okta can securely connect you with any service. With integrations for Okta, the system automatically adjusts to program changes as they happen, addressing the issues before they can affect users. Okta integrates perfectly with applications like G Suite, Salesforce, Ring Central, BambooHR, ServiceNow, Palo Alto Networks, Splunk, CloudLock, MuleSoft, and a host of others.


For businesses that are transitioning to adapt to latest technology or firm in the cloud, Okta can help you deal with a host of concerns. Industries can also take part in this, as Okta offers a wide range of services to help organizations such as yours.


There are four pricing options available to users on Okta. All the plans come with Basic User Store, Support for Third Party Second Factor Authentication, Per-App Policies, Reporting, and IP Range. Starting $1/moth/user is the Universal Directory, Single Sign-On costs $2/month/user, for Lifecycle Management, it costs $4/month/user, and for Multi-Factor Authentication, $3/month/user.

What is Okta?

Okta is the basis for secure connections between users and technology. It is a software that provides its users with a secure connection to services they need to perform specific tasks.

How can I familiarize myself with Okta?

You can start by visiting Training Resources, or the Okta help center for support articles, and frequently asked questions.

Can I contact Okta support?

If you are experiencing integration problems as an Okta App Partner, you can submit your queries directly to Okta Support. The ability to submit support cases will be available to you when you have been accepted as a partner.

How do I register my Okta partner deals?

To register your deals, visit Doing this will ensure your deals are tracked, and your revenue shares paid where applicable.

Can I get a free Okta account?

Yes, you can try our IT products for free by signing up HERE. The free account will give you access to Single Sign-On, Universal Directory, Lifecycle Management, and Multi-Factor Authentication.

How can I get an Okta account?

To open an account with Okta, using any web browser of your choice, go to your company’s custom Okta URL. The custom Okta URL of your company will be something like ‘’’’.

Which browsers can I access Okta on?

You can access Okta on Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Is my information secure on Okta?

Yes, your information is very secure. Okta uses comprehensive security measures and controls to protect your data. Okta also provides users with Multi-Factor Authentication that gives users authentication for themselves with their normal password as well as a second authentication factor of their choice.

Is the Okta plugin safe to install?

Yes, the Okta plugin is very safe for installations.

Can I add an app on Okta myself?

Yes, you can, provided that your organization permits you to do so. If so, simply click on the +Add Apps on your dashboard, choose the app to be added, and click the Add button.

Can I remove an app?

Unfortunately, at this time, apps cannot be removed. However, applications you no longer require can be moved out of sight.

Can I change the order in which apps appear on my dashboard?

Yes, you can change the order in which apps appear. To do so, click and hold on an app image, then drag the image to the position where you will like it to be. How many tabs am I allowed to have on Okta? You are allowed a maximum of 5 tabs.

Is Okta available for mobile devices?

Yes, Okta is available for mobile devices. For Android users, visit the Google PlayStore to download. Apple users can also get the Okta app from the Apple AppStore. After installation, you will need to provide your organization’s name, with your username and password. You will then be asked to create a pin for Okta Mobile as soon as you have been authenticated.

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