PagerDuty is your fastest path to incident resolution, helping IT Operations and DevOps teams deliver on the promise of agility, performance, and uptime.

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PagerDuty is an operations performance platform created to improve the reliability and performance of businesses by eliminating the chaos across the entire operations lifecycle. PagerDuty gives IT and development operation teams powerful capabilities including alert monitoring, on-call scheduling, escalation policies and incident monitoring to resolve problems in their apps, servers, and websites. PagerDuty enables DevOps teams to deliver high-performing apps and delightful customer experiences. With real-time alerts and visibility into critical systems and applications, operations teams can quickly detect, triage, and resolve incidents from development through production. With hundreds of native integrations with operations tools, automated scheduling, advanced reporting, and guaranteed availability, PagerDuty is trusted by over 7,000 organizations globally to increase business and employee efficiency. It is an excellent incidence response and alerting service that is both straightforward and powerful and will make sure that every member of your team is on the same page regarding IT infrastructure status.

PagerDuty is for anyone who needs to escalate alerts. PagerDuty is excellent for organizations where there are one or more monitoring systems that need to be consolidated into a single escalation system (e.g., Pingdom for system availability and Nagios for specific sub-checks). PagerDuty also excels at scheduling on-call staff on a daily, weekly or other basis. Override tools are also provided so that if Frank is out for a few days, Keith can be scheduled without breaking the rotation. In some certain personal environments, PagerDuty would escalate a set of monitoring systems in a uniform manner and notify of issues. In work environment, it would be an excellent tool to handle alerts for level 3 support teams where Systems, Network and possibly Management teams would each have an escalation path to which some alerts would go directly, and others would be initiated after an investigation by Level 1/2 technical staff.

PagerDuty is an agile incident management system designed and developed by former Amazon engineers who used their experience and expertise to build a system that seamlessly integrates with IT Ops and Dev Ops monitoring stacks to help enhance operational reliability and agility. PagerDuty enriches and aggregates events and then correlates them, turning those events into actionable alerts. The system then accelerates and smoothens the incident management lifecycle by reducing noise and resolution times. PagerDuty is a very popular tool, mainly because it is an alerting application that is simple, user-friendly and integrates well with other business systems and applications. The system is implemented in lots of countries and has scheduling that enables for follow-the-sun ops teams to thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PagerDuty?

PagerDuty is an alarm aggregation and dispatching service for system administrators and support teams. It collects alerts from your monitoring tools, gives you an overall view of all of your monitoring alarms, and alerts an on-duty engineer if there's a problem.

Is PagerDuty right for me?

You should consider using PagerDuty if you want to add the ability to send SMSes and phone calls to your existing monitoring tools or if you want to add on-call scheduling, escalation, and incident tracking to your existing monitoring tools. And also, if you want a single place where you can view the overall health of your system, no matter how many monitoring tools you use.

What alerting methods does PagerDuty supports?

It can send alerts using any combination of phone calls, SMSes, push notifications and emails.

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