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PandaDoc helps you to build and deliver sales quotes and proposals as well as track presentations and close deals faster with legally binding eSignatures.
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PandaDoc is a web-based software that enables the creation, sending, and electronic signing of transactional documents. The software has the ability to support different types of documents formats including Docs, Digital Documents, and PDFs. The software is perfect for Operations, Legal, Finance, Marketing, and Sales Departments. It can also help Human Resource Managers and Executives by providing them with the ability to create documents for new hires, track training documents, or control document access by role.

PandaDoc also provides you with advanced analytics which provides real-time analysis of proposals which can come in handy for sales and marketing teams. Team members will be able to see who has viewed the documents, as well as the amount of time that a team member spent on the document. This can empower sales and management teams to make the right decision at the right time, as well as boost their proposal win rates.



To use the Branding feature, you can enable it in the Branding section of your accounts settings. This feature enables you to add your company logo, custom footer, or workspace icon to documents.

Content Locking

This feature allows you to prevent changes to very important documents such as terms and conditions documents. As the admin, you can block any content from being edited to ensure accuracy and consistency across all documents.

Document Access Code

You can provide some important documents with an extra layer of security. PandaDoc makes it possible to set access codes on documents so that only the recipients with the access codes can view the documents.


Using Approvals for PandaDoc, you can set up a workflow chain so that documents can be sent to approvers for review before they are sent to recipients. This is to ensure documents sent to recipients have been vetted, and contain the right information.

Auto Reminders

Using this feature, you can set up auto-reminders to make recipients review and sign a document. All you need to do is enable this feature, and the software will do the remaining.


This feature allows you receive notifications about everything that occurs in your PandaDoc account.


Since most documents are only valid for a certain period of time, PandaDoc makes it possible to set and adjust the time on documents sent to you and your team members.


PandaDoc makes it easy to accept payments via PandaDoc documents by activating Payment Blocks. Simply set up your payment integration, and then drag the Payment Block into the document so that recipients of the document can make payments immediately after they sign.


There are three pricing options available to users on PandaDoc – Professional, Business, and Enterprise. The Professional plan costs $19/month/user and is for solo users. This plan features Up to 5 Templates, Unlimited Docs and eSignatures, Document Analytics, and many more. The Business plan which is for small and medium businesses costs $39/month/user and features Phone Support, Content Library, Grand Total, Auto Reminders and many more amazing features. Lastly, the Enterprise plan is perfect for large companies and features Content Locking, Premium Support, Custom Integration, and more.

Will PandaDoc charge me when I create an account?

No, you will not be charged when you sign up for the free trial.

Can I sign a document on the free trial?

Yes, you can sign a document on the free trial version. However, if you want to draft, edit, or send a document, you have to purchase a user license with PandaDoc.

Can I change my PandaDoc plan at a later date?

Yes, you can choose to upgrade or downgrade your PandaDoc plan at any time you wish.

Will I be charged to upgrade or downgrade my PandaDoc plan?

No, you will not be charged when you upgrade or downgrade your PandaDoc plan. It is absolutely free to do so.

What does PandaDoc mean by unlimited?

The paid plans on PandaDoc mean that you can send and eSign as many documents as you would like.

What makes PandaDoc different from other Business and Productivity software?

PandaDoc surpasses standard eSignature or CPQ functionality by converting documents into actionable and efficient content. The process is fast, nicely packaged, and works perfectly with your CRM.

Is my data safe on PandaDoc?

Yes, your data is totally safe on PandaDoc. Data on the software is protected by 256-bit SSL Security. Also, at PandaDoc, no data is revealed to any third party, and documents are sent using safe and secure encrypted links.

How do I set up or change my signature on PandaDoc?

To set up your signature on PandaDoc, simply go to Settings > Profile, select the signature option, and then click on Change Signature. You will be provided options to Draw, Type, or Upload an existing signature. When done, click on Save.

Can I change my contact information after already setting up my PandaDoc account?

Yes, you can update your PandaDoc contact information anytime you wish.

How do I update my contact information on PandaDoc?

To update your contact information on your PandaDoc account; simply launch the software, and then go to Settings > Profile. On this page, you will be able to change the first and last name associated with your account.

Can I also change the email address associated with my PandaDoc account?

Please get in touch with Support to change the email address associated with your PandaDoc account.

How do I attach a picture to my account?

To add a picture to your PandaDoc account, go to Settings > Profile > Change Avatar.