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Pipedrive is a CRM & pipeline management tool that helps you focus on actions that matter. By sales pros, for sales pros. Grow your business now with Pipedrive.
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Cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications should not be hard to navigate, intuitive to use and help you reduce the amount of sales data and respond directly to your prospects and opportunities. Pipedrive CRM ( that starts at $10 per user per month, which is charged annually) is intended precisely for that purpose. Pipedrive offers an intuitive user interface that will enable you and your organization to quickly collect and execute, which is worth a lot. This software also provides useful visual suggestions to help you decide on the next steps.

Built by sales individuals and web application developers, Pipedrive organizes your business contacts to provide you with an excellent sales overview and allow you to focus on the offers you want to prioritize. Making an account lasts only a minute, and other vital operations that were previously difficult and slow are also very direct and quick. The application is friendly enough that most sales teams like them at first glance, which is because the system is fully optimized for mobile devices. You can easily integrate with Google Calendar, Google Contacts, and other Google apps and many popular third-party business systems.

But what makes Pipedrive so practical? The significant catch of this system is direct sales. With this software, you will surely have a solution that can effectively manage your company's sales portfolio. The absolute system intuition helps you differentiate potential buyers and prioritized offers, and develop an individual approach for each of them without spending too much time. Negotiating a deal, or maintaining general relationships is generally a fully flexible procedure, and you can swiftly customize it to uphold your brand, or fine-tune the conditions you do not agree with any longer.

In addition, Pipedrive is a universally applicable system where you can customize all your workflows, no matter how complicated they are. Pipedrive is available in 13 languages to satisfy almost any geographic area and operates with a wide range of currencies, including major and secondary currencies. As we have already mentioned, its open API configuration ensures it can be perfectly combined with each program landscape and can be applied in accordance with all commercial systems including Dropbox, Zapier, MailChimp, RightSignature, Zoho CRM and much more.

Pipedrive CRM Pricing

In terms of pricing, Pipedrive CRM stays simple with three levels. The silver level costs $10 per user per month, annually charged (or $12 per month). It incorporates smart email, 2GB of storage per user, total sales management for an unlimited number of users, native integration as well as application programming interface (API) access, as well as Help support through chat, email, and phone. As for the entry plan, Pipedrive CRM Silver gives you a lot. The gold level of $24 per user per month (annually charged or $29 per month) adds two-way email synchronization and increases storage to 5GB per user.

The Platinum level ($63 per user per month, charged per annum or $75 per month) provides companies with a viable option with 100GB of storage per user and dedicated hosting, with advanced security features coming very soon, according to the company. With each level, Pipedrive CRM offers companies the first two months free if they pay per annum instead of month-to-month. Finally, the seller offers a flexible pricing plan that ensures that all companies can find a package that suits their budget. You can also check the free trial version of Pipedrive to see how the software works before making a purchase decision (credit card is not required for registration).

Efficient sales management

Pipedrive acts as your personal sales manager which helps you choose the accurate activities and deals to focus on. That's the reason why the tool is a real blessing for business owners, and sales managers, as well as a useful and effective app for sellers. The app can give you a clear description of your sales channel, and an effective sales methodology is included in the software. You can zoom into the app's timeline, which helps you choose the right bidding and activities you want to focus on. Pipedrive is also a very secure application approved by thousands of customers around the world. It offers robust hosting infrastructure as well as night-time backups to multiple locations.

Simple User Interface

Like its price, it's easy to understand the Pipedrive CRM user interface. The design is simple and minimalist design is refreshing as well. Compared to Bitrix24 CRM$99.00 in Bitrix24 and Insightly CRM and endless customization options, Pipedrive CRM feels incredibly clean. As the name suggests, the main task of Pipedrive CRM is to provide a visual pipeline for bids. When you first sign in, Pipedrive CRM begins with a standard sales portfolio. Many companies will be able to immediately start presenting their current ideas and offers in pipelines as they are.

How do I set deal probability?

Go to Settings> Pipelines in the Pipedrive Account. Then locate the Deal probability option below the pipeline list. Select Yes to activate this feature. When activated, the deal probability field is going to appear in the Add deal message, which allows you to program it when making a bid.

How do I compose emails in a separate browser tab?

To configure this, just go to Settings> Personal> User interface and look for the option "Open e-mail links on a new tab" – click Yes and every email link is going to open in a new tab in your present browser.

Can I duplicate my pipeline?

Although you can still generate numerous pipelines, it is not possible to automatically duplicate a pipeline with all the bids.

What is the activity count in Pipedrive?

With the use of Pipedrive, activities can be planned as well as captured for the future to improve all the deals over time. The top part of the screen displays activities that are either late or behind schedule for the day.

How Do I Disable/Re-enable Desktop Notifications?

To do this, just go to Settings> Personal> User Interface. Change computer desktop notifications to Yes/No to enable/disable desktop notifications.