SaaS System of Record

Vendor Management

Stay on top of your contracts, never miss a renewal, set up an approval process that works, and keep spending under control.

A vendor approval workflow showing that one must conduct a security assessment and review an annual budget. These are two important steps in the SaaS Vendor Relationship

Vendor Workflows

Create custom, cross-functional approval workflows. Because no matter how your organization is structured, purchasing and approving SaaS vendors involves multiple stakeholders.

Document Management

Document Management

All relevant documents (contracts, invoices, DPA's, etc.) in one place, organized by vendor.


Data Enrichment

Complete data on your vendors from Blissfully's SaaS database, including links, logos, compliance info, and more.

Renewal Notification

Never Miss a Renewal

Our automatic reminders give you enough time to gather feedback and evaluate competitors before the auto-renewal kicks in.

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