Auditing and Evidence

Keep records and audit logs for all things IT just by using Blissfully. When audit time comes, export your evidence with ease.

We were able to noticeably streamline the process. Blissfully provides a clear and comprehensive view of SaaS apps that are in use throughout our organization. It became a one-stop shop for us to make sure every employee has the right access and tools they need to succeed in their roles.

Andre Tan Head Shot
Andre Tan, Director of Finance

Auditing and Evidence

Blissfully's central location for employees to manage their tools, tasks, requests, and communicate with team leaders.

Audit Logs of all processes

Maintain a comprehensive audit log of all tasks for all workflows for future audits.

SOC 2 One button export (*)

Export all audit logs for key workflows and processes with a single click for your audit evidence.

Workflow Audit Logs

(including 3rd party tasks) - for complete record