In an age of SaaS and remote work, traditional firewall based CASBs are both not enough and potentially irrelevant. Blissfully creates a modern CASB-Lite by plugging into the sources your employees actually use.

No other tool tracks access like Blissfully does.

Ronald Lee, Director of Security, Compliance & Risk

CASB-Lite Features

Automatic SaaS Discovery

Automatically discover apps used throughout the entire company through our various integrations.

Browser Extension

Our secure browser extension tracks site visits and app usage across our catalog of SaaS applications, giving you greater insight into shadow IT. (Coming soon)

Detailed Source Data

Get detailed information for every integration Blissfully draws on to build your data.

SaaS Codex

Enrich all your vendors with our proprietary database of information, including their compliance status, key links, and more.

Unapproved App Alert

Stop shadow IT dead in its tracks. Blissfully alerts you about new unapproved apps and who's using them.

Import Network + CASB Logs

Import logs from your CASB or network trackers to enrich your System of Record