SaaS System of Record

Automatically uncover your complete SaaS Graph, enrich it, and keep it up to date to create a system of record and replace your spreadsheet.

SaaS Discovery

Good management starts with complete information. Discover and track every app being used in your organization. Establish a source of truth that always stays up to date.

App detection

Identify which apps you're using, the people using them, and how much you're spending. Includes free app usage detection.

Subscriptions detection

See all of your subscriptions, organized by billing owner. Automatically. No more detective work to track down the account owner.

Invoice discovery

Blissfully surfaces invoices from across your organization, extracts the key information, and makes the PDF available in Blissfully.

Usage and Spend Tracking

See the full picture of your SaaS spending. Blissfully automatically keeps your spend data up to date through integrations with your financial systems, email invoice detection, and SSO usage information.

Find immediate savings

Stop paying for extra licenses and software you no longer use. Identify and eliminate lapsed subscriptions in minutes.

Forecast with confidence

Create budget forecasts and automatically check quarterly spending against them. Segment by app or team to ensure that team leaders are staying within their budget.

Surface all invoices

Blissfully pulls in invoices from across your organization and links them to account owners, making it that much easier to find the information you need.

Proactively optimize spending

Blissfully analyzes your spend data to give you insights and tips to reduce costs across your organization. Alerts let you know if spend is unusually high.

Vendor Management

Stay on top of your contracts, never miss a renewal, set up an approval process that works, and keep spending under control.

Vendor Workflows

Create custom, cross-functional approval workflows. Because no matter how your organization is structured, purchasing and approving SaaS vendors involves multiple stakeholders.

Document Management

All relevant documents (contracts, invoices, DPA's, etc.) in one place, organized by vendor.


Complete data on your vendors from Blissfully's SaaS database, including links, logos, compliance info, and more.

Never Miss a Renewal

Our automatic reminders give you enough time to gather feedback and evaluate competitors before the auto-renewal kicks in.

Insights and Reporting

Get the data and insights you need to make informed decisions from the organizational level down to individual apps and people.

Spend breakdown and product usage by app, team, or employee

See a complete view of your SaaS costs and use broken down across categories. Quickly discover opportunities to optimize spending.

Actionable insights

Use intelligent insights to proactively lower costs, improve productivity, and increase security across your organization. Never miss a renewal, a subscription cancellation, or a procurement deadline again.

Collaborative Workspace

Connect your entire organization with Blissfully's collaborative tools.


Employee Portal

Give each employee a portal to see all the apps they currently have access to, subscriptions they own, and what tasks are on their plate.

Role-based team management

Create teams and that match your internal org structure. Assign team leads to manage them. Sync with Google Groups, and set team-level onboarding tasks and instructions to ensure each new team member has everything they need when they start.

Access management

Ensure that the proper people have the appropriate access to technology resources. Never go hunting for unauthorized users again.

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