SAM (Software Asset Management)

Modern Software Asset Management that is strong in SaaS but lets you track all your software and vendors.

No other tool tracks access like Blissfully does.

Ronald Lee, Director of Security, Compliance & Risk

SAM Features

Budgeting and Forecasting

Plan, forecast, and account for changes to your vendor spend as your company grows.

Contract Concierge

Extract and maintain up-to-date metadata on all of your vendor agreements through Blissfully's Contract Concierge service.

Contract Management

Keep your contracts right where you need them. Upload them in Blissfully, then record key metadata for easy access.

License Management

Track your licenses and their seats for your paid apps, including automated tracking for popular apps like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Zoom.

Spend Tracking and Management

Track the cost of your vendors with a centralized platform to see your total spend.

Team or Cost Center Allocation

Allocate spending across multiple teams by usage, users, or a custom allocation. You can also allocate costs to a cost center instead of a team.