Employee Workflows

Onboarding, offboarding, requests, approvals, and more. Blissfully automatically executes what it can, and triggers notifications for everyone that has an open task. Regular reminders make sure everything gets done.

The flexibility of using workflows for managing processes adds a lot of value. It’s not just for the IT department, it improves cross-functional organization, communication, and efficiency that trickles down to our broader employee experience.

Ronald Lee, Director of Security, Compliance & Risk

Employee Workflows Features

Automated Offboarding

Automate repetitive tasks during off-boarding, including email backup and archive, account de-provisioning, setting up email forwards, and more.

Complete Smart Checklist

Create a smart checklist for ALL the off-boarding tasks, from removing licenses to migrating billing ownerships.

Dept Specific Workflows

Create distinct and custom workflows for each department.

Employee Directory Sync

Keep people and teams in Blissfully up-to-date by integrating and syncing with your source of truth.

Employee Onboarding

Get new employees onboarded the right way (and leave a record of it) every time with onboarding workflows.

Employee Self Onboarding Steps

Assign tasks to employees during onboarding, like setting up their 2FA.

Employee Surveys

Collect key information from employees with custom surveys.