IT Automations

Blissfully's powerful IT automations take care of repetitive tasks, saving time, money, and sanity.

App spend and usage management drew us in, but Blissfully’s workflow capabilities, automating processes and identifying pain points that spanned multiple departments, really ended up improving our CX.

Steven Russell, CX Manager

IT Automation Features

Clear Calendar and Resources *

Automatically remove offboarded employees from calendars and clear out their resources.

Email and Drive Backup (Unique!)

Automatically back up email and Drive files during offboarding.

G Suite Offboarding Automation

Lockout, backup, and deletion - all taken care of for you in G Suite with Blissfully's offboarding automations.

Update to Groups, Org Units, Roles + More

Automatically add or remove employees from Google Groups, Org Units, and more.