Workflows & Automations

Vendor Workflows

Begin a vendor approval, renewal, or termination in seconds. Vendor Workflows keep your team's SaaS requests and renewals organized so you're always ready for your next audit or negotiation.

Complete vendor lifecycle management

Blissfully delegates critical tasks to the responsible parties and makes sure important vendor information is easily accessible.

Requests and Approvals

Blissfully's workflows let your team request the tools they need and establish a repeatable process around approvals.

Renewals and Terminations

Get notifications before contract renewals giving you the time you need to re-evaluate your tools, renegotiate contracts, and terminate what isn't needed. Don't get caught auto-renewing.

Vendor assessments

Blissfully's database of over 1000 SaaS vendors gives you the information you need to select the right vendor for the right tool for the right task.

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