Chaos: The old way provisioning apps and sharing access is ad hoc, insecure, and inefficient.

Take control of the chaos.

Instantly catalog SaaS apps used across your company. Automatically grant new employees access to their apps, and securely remove during off-boarding.

The Blissful Journey:
4 Steps from Chaos to Operational Excellence

As SaaS takes over more and more of internal business operations, how you deploy, secure, and manage your business changes. Blissfully guides you through the entire journey.

Step 1: Get an instant SaaS audit for free.

Our free tier automatically uncovers all the apps used throughout your organization, and how much you're spendign on them. Just install our G Suite marketplace app, and get the full report in minutes.

Step 2: Simplify and automate your IT ops

Our premium tier starts at $10/employee/month, and helps take the burden of app management and security off your plate. Save money by reducing unneeded apps, improve security with integrated password management and SSO, and reduce IT workload with automated employee on and off boarding.

HR + IT, sitting in a tree...

Blissfully is the perfect partner for your HR workflow, software, and team. We integrate with the leading HR software, to get the right apps to your new team members.

Take your organization to the next level

Blissfully offers practical guides to help simplify your internal operations.

SaaS Explosion

See details on how the explosion in cloud apps is creating chaos and challenges for how companies are run.

Practical Guide to SaaS Security

With more information than ever shared across your cloud apps, it's critical to make sure your people and information are secured.

Guide to Employee On and Off-boarding

Get your new employee up and running quickly, while keeping costs down and maintaining security.

Blissfully Blog

Additional practical tips to help your organization run smoothly.

Automatically detect and manage thousands of SaaS apps.

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Blissfully takes security and privacy seriously, and makes your org more compliant too.

We fully encrypt all data in transit and at rest, use world class cloud infrastructure, conduct regular penetration testing, and have secure internal processes validated by third parties. We also help companies ace their compliance audits by providing a full audit trail of employee on and off-boarding, and app access. Learn more about our security.