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SaaS has changed the way people interact with technology. People care about the software they use everyday, and highly productive teams have the power of choice. That's why we created Blissfully.

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How Blissfully Works

Blissfully stitches together data from G Suite, SSO (Okta, OneLogin, etc.), and accounting (Xero, Quickbooks, Netsuite, etc.) to provide visibility to relationship between people and the apps they use.

Real-time Data

Data is captured in real-time from GSuite and SSO and Blissfully users are notified when new apps are discovered.

Actionable Insights

Each week Blissfully delivers actionable insights on new subscriptions, changes in SaaS costs, upcoming renewals and more.

  • “I saved $10,000 at least a year on SaaS subscriptions we weren't using with Blissfully. So happy they exist!”
    Chief Sumo
  • “Within first minute, realized that we were still paying for a CRM we weren't using. You can quote me as “saved $1k in 2 minutes”.”
  • “Blissfully is phenomenal. It creates a system of record for apps people in our organization are using without being disruptive. Now I can be more strategic in how I help teams manage SaaS. ”
    IT Lead
  • “Blissfully helps me manage the SaaS sprawl in our organization. I can easily onboard new employees to the apps that they need, make sure I’m not wasting money, and helps me prepare for our security audits. Blissfully is a must have. ”

Key Features & Capabilities

SaaS Management

Widespread adoption of SaaS doesn't have to create chaos. Blissfully automatically discovers the apps in use across your org and organizes insights on spend and usage to optimize your SaaS subscriptions. Concerns like SaaS security, renewals management, audit trails, and more are all centralized.

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Orchestrate Org-Wide Workflow

SaaS means tech decisions are no longer centralized to IT, which means organizations need tools that can automate critical workflows across teams. Blissfully centralizes critical security and compliance info, while distributing tasks for renewals, employee onboarding, vendor management and more.

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Usage vs. Spend

Companies are spending 20x more on SaaS than they were 5 years ago, in large because of the lack of visibility to what apps are actively being used across all teams. Blissfully solves that, integrating spend data with usage data from SSO providers like Google, Okta, and OneLogin so you can see exactly how much is being used versus how much is being spent.

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Automated Vendor Management

Because Blissfully already has all your SaaS vendor data in one place, you can easily add any relevant vendor and manage contracts, renewals, key documents, and assign responsibilities to the appropriate people - regardless of which team they are on.

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Blissfully is serious about security

Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and we've achieved SOC 2 TYPE II Compliance to prove how seriously we take security. Any questions, just ask.

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