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SaaS Fearlessly

SaaS management is simple with Blissfully. Automatically create a system of record for apps and the people who use them. Gain instant visibility and streamline org-wide workflows.

Save time

Automate SaaS tracking and give access to anyone who needs it. No more shared spreadsheets and manual tracking.

Single Pane of Glass

Apps, vendors, spend, receipts, usage - all in one place.

SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant

We take security very, very seriously. Period.

Shadow IT/SaaS Discovery

We understand and agree - you need to know which apps people are using. But this isn't Shadow IT, it's business professionals trying to get work done. Like you, we believe enabling employees to choose SaaS makes them happier and more productive.

Blissfully empowers IT to be more strategic about software.

We're all in IT together

With the widespread adoption of SaaS applications, IT is no longer centralized - IT is all of us who choose and use SaaS. And that's exciting, as long as IT teams have a platform that can facilitate this "New IT" and the more distributed work of tracking and administering SaaS apps.

Single view of spend vs usage

You can optimize SaaS spend once you know which apps people are using and which ones you're paying for. Blissfully uses app authentication data to show how many logins you're using vs. how many you're paying for. All your receipts in one place also make it super simple for finance to get what they need without e-mail stalking people. Find duplicate subscriptions, consolidate billing relationships, and eliminate overlapping apps.

  • “I saved $10,000 at least a year on SaaS subscriptions we weren't using with Blissfully. So happy they exist!”
    Chief Sumo

How Blissfully Works

Blissfully stitches together data from G Suite, SSO (Okta, OneLogin, etc.), and accounting (Xero, Quickbooks, Netsuite, etc.) to provide visibility to relationship between people and the apps they use.

Real-time Data

Data is captured in real-time from GSuite and SSO and Blissfully users are notified when new apps are discovered.

Actionable Insights

Each week Blissfully delivers actionable insights on new subscriptions, changes in SaaS costs, upcoming renewals and more.

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