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Blissfully is the leading platform for automating vendor management. Replace your spreadsheet!

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Simplified Vendor Management

It seems everyone in the company acquires tech, making it a challenge to track and manage vendors. Blissfully has redefined vendor management for modern, tech-centric companies.

Automatically discover and track SaaS Vendors

Within 2 minutes of install, Blissfully can tell you which apps are in use across your company, the billing owner of each app, and group apps under each vendor.

App discovery and inventory is free, if you want to give it a try today!

Painless renewal management

Not all vendor renewals are equal. Some vendors, like CRM, Finance, or HR systems require longer lead times to transition data and processes. With Blissfully, you can set custom renewal windows for every vendor.

Notifications automatically go to the billing owner, vendor/app owner and your Blissfully Admin.

Separate vendor and billing ownership

If you consolidate billing to a common email address like accounting@ or finance@, you can assign a separate vendor owner. This makes running your renewal process easy and automated.

  • “I saved $10,000 at least a year on SaaS subscriptions we weren't using with Blissfully. So happy they exist!”
    Chief Sumo

How Blissfully Works

Blissfully stitches together data from G Suite, SSO (Okta, OneLogin, etc.), and accounting (Xero, Quickbooks, Netsuite, etc.) to provide visibility to relationship between people and the apps they use.

Apps/Vendors/People - in one place

Blissfully stitches together the relationship between people and apps across your org for seamless process management.

Real-time updates and notifications

Blissfully identifies new vendor relationships as they happen and automatically notifies you to limit runaway spend.

Start by letting Blissfully find and catalog all your SaaS in under 2 minutes.

We identify apps, billing owners, and automatically roll this up under the appropriate vendor - with one click.

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