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Application engagement analytics for modern IT — optimize cost, drive productivity.
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Productiv Services

SaaS Operations Management

Productiv pulls in data from multiple sources for one view of your entire application portfolio (SSO, expense and finance, directory services, etc.) to see application license, cost, and renewal data in a single console and allows you to drill in on any application attribute you choose (e.g., geography, team, device, feature) to understand usage patterns.

License Management

Productiv's Engagement-based License Management includes weekly updates on engagement and provisioned users by app, notifications on upcoming renewals and recommended actions, automatic deprovisioning, and upgrade or downgrade of licenses based on individual usage patterns, reminders when licenses are running low.

Renewal Management

Productiv uses the data pulled to ensure application owners have the right information, at the right time, including notifications about app engagement and provisioning, upcoming renewals, and unusual expense activity.

Spend Management

Productiv makes sure that you have control over licenses and spend. See where application redundancy exists based on team, and slice and pivot on application overlap data to identify where true redundancy problems exist. Correlate analysis across applications to see the best application combinations for your organization at a team level.

Usage Tracking/Analytics

Productiv allows users to leverage trend data from application engagement and provisioning to understand future projections on use, look deeply at adoption to anticipate the need for upgrades or downgrades in licensing tiers, see how their organization stacks up against the industry, and see benchmarks for engagement based on app, industry, geography, and company size.

Productiv Pricing

Pricing is not public for Productiv, but on average Blissfully is about half the cost of Productiv.

Productiv Review

Productiv provides application engagement analytics for IT leaders who are rethinking SaaS management. Using more than 50 engagement dimensions, Productiv continuously rationalizes application portfolios and answers questions about investments and effectiveness with insights about actual use.

Productiv platform: Productiv's platform uses login information and integrations to derive data on your SaaS software. This allows you to understand information and insights about applications are being used such as: what users and teams are using the software, license features and tiers, how often the software is being used, and how much is being spent on it.

Productiv demo

Productiv will provide a free demo upon request.

Productiv vs. Blissfully

While Productiv specializes in application engagement analytics and license optimization, Blissfully's software goes beyond basic analytics to include a complete SaaS Management platform, including automated and customizable workflows.

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