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ProfitWell provides subscription and SaaS metrics that are 100% accurate and absolutely free. Sign up takes 1-click, giving you access to your monthly recurring revenue, churn, lifetime value, and all of your other necessary subscription financial metrics
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ProfitWell is a cloud-based app that provides users with all their financial and subscription metrics in one place. The software provides financial reporting for more than 5,000 subscription companies and software as a service (SaaS).

Building a SaaS business is a lot of work, the last thing that you will need is to work blindly when it comes to your core metrics. You no longer have to make decisions using wild guesses, inaccurate data, and boring spreadsheets. With ProfitWell, you will be provided with the latest revenue metrics at the tips of your fingers. The software will also help you identify easily what the biggest levers that your business needs to grow. ProfitWell enables your business or company will grow smarter and be placed in a position that will maintain profitability. You can use the software to keep an eye on your company’s revenue metrics, especially if you lack the technical knowledge involved. It has an easy to use user interface, which is clear and concise. The visualizations on the software are instructive and easily understandable.


Growth Goal

With ProfitWell, the fast growth of business which is usually a messy game will no longer come to play. The software allows you to set a monthly goal and track whatever progress has been made by your team members at a single glance. You will also be provided with a daily update on growth via email or by using the web application.

MRR Trends

You can pinpoint exactly what is making your business grow. You will see how changes in various types of revenue impact the growth of your business over time. You can also dig deeper or get a broad level view to see newer trends from newly acquired customers and already existing ones. Furthermore, upgrades, downgrade and churns will also be available to you for access.

Plan Trends

ProfitWell allows you to discover high performing plans. You can dissect metrics for multiple plans over a certain period of time. You can also see MRR, LTV, ARPU, as well as customers across each offering. The software also allows you view as well as export drill-down metrics if you want a more in-depth and informed analysis.

Retention & Cohorts Trends

While using this software, you can sustain the growth of your business by keeping your customers. You will be able to track revenue retention, MRR, and delinquent churns. The cohort reports will help you get a proper picture of how long your customers and revenues stay over a period of time.

Cash Flow

You can literally count the cash your business makes using ProfitWell. You will also be able to understand how annual subscriptions, fees, as well as refunds impact your company’s overall cash flow. The software can also provide you with a snapshot of your monthly as well as annual subscription breakdown. Using the tabular form, you will be provided with enough data to give you the full details of subscriptions.


ProfitWell integrates with software such as Stripe, Zuora, Chargebee, Braintree, etc.


ProfitWell is free for all users and includes Daily Growth Updates, Cash Flow Breakdown, Revenue Trends, Churn & Retention Trends, Customer Billing Activities, Cohorts Report, and Growth Trends.

What is ProfitWell?

ProfitWell is a software that helps you manage all your financial and business’ subscriptions.

Who can use ProfitWell?

ProfitWell is designed for all types of businesses and organizations including small, medium and large scale businesses.

How much does it cost to use ProfitWell?

ProfitWell is completely free to use for everyone.

Does ProfitWell require my credit card details before I can sign up?

No, ProfitWell will not ask for your credit card details before or after signing up.

Does ProfitWell offer any additional plans?

Yes, ProfitWell offers you additional plans for little amount of money.

What additional plans are available on ProfitWell?

Additional plans available on ProfitWell includes: Retain which allows you to stop losing revenue and radically reduce churns, and Recognized which helps you complete end-of-month books using one click. The latter costs $1000/month, while the price for the former varies per month.

Where can I get more information on the Recognized plan?

To get more information about the Recognized plan, click HERE.

What is included in my ProfitWell package?

On ProfitWell, all users are provided with Daily Growth Updates, Cash Flow Breakdown, Revenue Trends, Churn & Retention Trends and many more.

Since ProfitWell is free for all, how does the software make money?

ProfitWell is free because it believes that providing you with accurate metrics is important to your business and can be the building block for it. However, the software has some paid upgrades which support the free metrics product.

How long will it take me to have ProfitWell fully set up and functional?

While reporting and analytics tools take developers some time to design and implement, after you connect your billing system, it takes less than 5 minutes to have you set up and running.

What can be done if ProfitWell does not support my billing system?

ProfitWell is working very hard to integrate with all the major billing services available today. However, if the software does not integrate with your billing service, it is recommended to use the software’s API.

Does ProfitWell integrate with QuickBooks?

Unfortunately, at this time, ProfitWell does not integrate with QuickBooks. However, plans are being made to release it sometime next year.

Can I upload data to ProfitWell via CSV?

Sorry, ProfitWell does not support CSV uploads at the moment. However, if you have high-velocity sales, it is recommended that you use the software’s API.

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