Wrangle SaaS Chaos with ease.

We built Blissfully to help you adopt and manage the apps your company needs. Auto-detect all the SaaS products across your entire company, save money, improve security, and simplify operations. The "wild west" of SaaS proliferation doesn't have to be wild anymore.

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Trusted by hundreds of companies managing thousands of SaaS products

The Right Tool For IT Heroes

With Blissfully, remove the friction of supporting growing teams and protecting your company.

Auto Detect

Identify and track SaaS apps within minutes.

Understand SaaS Spend

Accurately track and report SaaS spending across the whole org.

Improve Security

Shine a light on SaaS security without slowing people down.

Workflow Automation

Streamline employee onboarding/offboarding, manage renewals, and more...

Go from SaaS chaos to IT bliss in minutes.

blissfully helps you go from saas chaos to it bliss
Blissfully helps me manage the SaaS sprawl in our organization. I can easily onboard new employees to the apps that they need, make sure I’m not wasting money, and helps me prepare for our security audits. In an age of SaaS proliferation, Blissfully is a must have.
Greg RatnerFounder and CTO

Blissfully takes security and privacy seriously, and makes your org more compliant too.

We fully encrypt all data in transit and at rest, use world class cloud infrastructure, conduct regular penetration testing, and have secure internal processes validated by third parties. We also help companies ace their compliance audits by providing a full audit trail of employee on and off-boarding, and app access. Learn more about our security.