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Quip changes the way teams work together. Real work gets done, faster, smarter.
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Originally founded in 2013, Quip provides an environment for work teams to create documents such as chats, task lists, and spreadsheets all within the app, making teamwork easy and fast, thereby increasing productivity. With Quip on your desktop and mobile devices, you can do away with infinite chains of emails, instant messaging, and even meetings.

With Quip, it is easier to find files, import documents and data to cloud storage such as Dropbox, generate a link to the cloud storage to share with others, send updates to your team chatroom, plan a meeting with other team members to discuss changes to documents and data, and make decisions on projects with the full knowledge of your team, all in one app.


With Quip Documents, you can strengthen your team’s work and correspondence, as you can get everything done in one place. From adding spreadsheets, images, and tasks to your documents. You can also chair everything your team is working on by assigning tasks to them, accompanied by deadlines, share these tasks with partners, and see as your teammates make real-time corrections to documents. With Quip Documents, you can also converse with teammates, have discussions, and get immediate feedback, as documents are being constructed.


Spreadsheets are mostly associated with endless, clunky rows and columns of data. Quip will help you design spreadsheets that are modern, easy to read and understand. With over 400 functions, you can design spreadsheets with the conventional interface, so that you get an all-round better experience, with a familiar look. You can also add spreadsheets to your documents to give it structure and life. With Quip Spreadsheets, you can invite your teammates into your spreadsheets, to discuss, make corrections, and keep them updated. Quip Spreadsheets are also very deal for long flights, and areas with no internet connection, as you can create, and edit spreadsheets offline, and have your changes implemented as soon as an internet connection is available.

Team Chat

When constructing a document or spreadsheet, Quip Chat makes it possible to be able to converse, and make collective decisions, next to the document, so that your team can remain updated and stay abreast of latest developments. You can also receive push notifications right on your mobile devices, whether it is in a chatroom, document, or private message. Quip Team Chat makes communication much easier among team members, leading to an increase in productivity.


Quip offers two basic pricing plans: The Business Plan, and The Enterprise Plan. At $10/user/month, billed annually, The Business Plan features Unlimited Living Document, Spreadsheets for Team Members, Access for Mobile Devices and Desktop, Team Management and Secure Collaboration, Group Chats, Private Messages, and Basic Live Apps. The Enterprise Plan improves productivity by providing access to Quip’s API. It costs $25/user/month and is also billed annually. This plan, in addition to the features on The Business Plan, provides users with Salesforce and Quip Collaboration Platform Integration, Top-notch Customer Support, Customization and Enterprise API, Single Sign-On, and many other interesting features. Quip also offers free trial based on activity, and not the time so that you can get all the full Quip features. With no credit card required, you can have unlimited users and storage on the free trial.

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What is Quip?

Quip is a next level productivity software that puts documents, spreadsheets, team chat, and task list encompassed in one platform. Quip which is cloud-based can work on both mobile devices, desktops.

Can Quip help my business grow?

Quip is designed in a way that all teams in your business can work smarter, collaborate efficiently, and boost productivity.

Where can I use Quip?

Quip is available for Windows, Android, Mac, and Web.

Is my information secure in Quip?

Quip protect your data and keep information strongly secure. CNN, Facebook, and Stripe are some companies that trust Quip’s services.

How many languages is Quip available in?

Quip is available in 12 languages including Deutsch, English, French, Portuguese, and many more.

Can I import documents to Quip?

Yes, you can import already existing documents directly from Microsoft Word, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

What type of file types can I import to Quip?

With Quip, you are able to import document types such as .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, .xls, .xlsx, and .csv files.

Is Quip affordable?

Quip’s pricing is quite affordable. The prices range from $10 - $25 per month.

Does Quip offer free trials?

Yes, Quip offers free trials. You can try all the features on Quip, and decide to subscribe to any of the plans if you feel so inclined.

How long does the free trial last?

The duration of Quip’s free trial is based on you and your team’s activity on Quip. For example, when you design a document, the activity of the project is measured, and when the project reaches completion, your account will become read-only, until you pay.

What products does Quip integrate with?

Quip works seamlessly with so many applications, and software, including Dropbox, JIRA, Zendesk, Slash, Salesforce, etc.

How do I install the Quip widget on Android?

Simply press and hold the home screen of your Android device, click on Widgets, then locate and select the Quip widget.

How can I transfer a document to another folder on Quip?

Simply click on Document in the top left corner of the said document, from the menu, select Move to a Different Folder, to move the document.

How do I disable edit on documents?

To lock a document or spreadsheet, simply click on the Document menu, click on Advanced, and then select Lock Edits.

How can I remove others from a shared document or folder?

Simply go to the document or folder, select Share on the topmost right-hand corner, select Remove People, and choose the people you would like to remove.

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