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A leader in Gartner's 2016 Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Worldwide for a second consecutive year.
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RingCentral is a cloud-based phone system created to ensure smooth and seamless business communications. Businesses and organizations, investors, and agents can engage in online meetings, voice communications, organize business conferences, and much more use the software. The software's cloud-based structuring eliminates the need for additional costs associated with physical communications set up such as software, hardware, operators, training, etc. Businesses can save time and money while maintaining communications capability and quality.

Due to RingCentral's mobile support for Android and iOS devices, the software helps you work effectively onsite and offsite. It helps keep your remote teams organized and connected, create web conferences, send and receive HD calls, faxes, and SMSs, as well as receive real-time updates regardless of your whereabouts. It also integrates seamlessly with your most important software; thereby cutting cost associated with purchasing additional file sharing or CRM software. Some of these integrations include Salesforce, Zendesk, Oracle, Okta, Outlook, Box, etc.

Available Phone Numbers

RingCentral provides your business or organization with a local presence by providing you with a variety of phone number options to service your business phone system. This will make it easy for customers to contact you. This feature provides you with Toll-free Numbers, Local Numbers, Directory Listings, and International Numbers.

Accessories, Device, and Service

RingCentral offers you a widespread support for your business by making it easily administered across all your locations, and integrates perfectly with your preferred device or accessory. It also incorporates all of your users and includes diverse calling options. You have the options of choosing between many accessories such as Conference Phones, Analog Adaptors, Desk Phones, Caller ID Control, VoIP Headsets, and many more. Voicemail and Greeting

You can create and modify voicemail inboxes for large and small scale businesses with ease using RingCentral. You can also access your voicemails using the latest tools for receiving messages in whatever format you desire.


RingCentral allows you to send and receive text and multimedia messages from your business number. You can receive and send business messages while still maintaining your professional identity with your business contacts on your mobile devices and computers. There is no limit to the number of texts and multimedia messages you can send and receive.

Mobile Device

The cloud-based software is available for use on your mobile devices and laptops. You can now work where and how you want with the convenient smartphone features which literally puts your business in the palm of your hands. RingCentral is available on iOS and Android devices.


There are 4 pricing options available to you on RingCentral - The Essential, Standard, Premium, and Ultimate plans. The Essentials plan costs $29.99/month/user and it features Unlimited Calling, Conferencing, & Business SMS, 100 Toll-Free Minutes, and Online Meetings with up to 4 people per meeting. The Standard plan starts at $34.99/user/month and features Multi-point mobile and desktop online meetings for up to 4 participants, plus the features of the Essential plan. The Premium plan which is the most popular plan costs $4.99/month/user, and it features 2500 Toll-free minutes, Salesforce CRM Integration, Automatic Call Recording, and Multi-Level Auto Attendant. Lastly, the Ultimate plan at $59.99/month/user features everything on the Premium plus 10,000 Toll-free minutes, and Multi-point mobile and desktop online meetings for up to 75 participants.

What is RingCentral Office?

RingCentral Office is a cloud-hosted business communications software which connects you easily with your office and remote employees.

What benefits does RingCentral offer users?

There are so many benefits that the software offers you. Some of them include Fax services, Easy Collaboration, 24/7 Support, Affordable all-inclusive pricing, etc.

Are there any differences between RingCentral Office and RingCentral Professional?

RingCentral Professional is an online business communications system which is perfect for everyday communications while RingCentral Office is a total business communications solution with an all-inclusive phone, fax, text, online meeting, and more. It is ideal for reliable communications and collaboration between employees and the office.

Does RingCentral offer a free trial to users?

Yes, RingCentral offers users a free 30-day trial period.

Are there any fees associated with RingCentral setup?

No, there are no set up fees associated with RingCentral. However, the software charges a token for activation fees.

Is there a limit to the number of lines that can be purchased on RingCentral?

No, there is no limit to the number of lines you can purchase on RingCentral. You can purchase as many lines as your business requires.

What payment options are available to users on RingCentral?

RingCentral accepts only credit card payments. Additional methods of payment will be added in future and communicated effectively to users.

How much do the devices and accessories for RingCentral cost?

You can view RingCentral phones and device options and pricing.

Is it possible to transfer my previous phone numbers to RingCentral?

Yes, on RingCentral, you can import any existing toll-free or local phone numbers.

How long does it take to activate RingCentral?

Your RingCentral account and phone number are activated immediately, while the accessories arrive within 5-7 business working days depending on your shipping method.

How do I reset my RingCentral password?

To reset your RingCentral account; simply log-in to your account, and then click on Settings > User Password to reset your password.

Who is a RingCentral administrator?

A RingCentral administrator is a person who has total access to make changes to the configuration and account setup.

Is it possible to pay for certain features on RingCentral?

No, it is not possible to pay for certain features on RingCentral. The software includes all the features and functions you will need in one affordable monthly cost so that you do not have to pay per feature per user which might otherwise be expensive.

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