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SalesIntelligent is a sales prospecting tool that can help you accelerate your leads generation from social networks. With it you can speed up your lead generation by discovering data from prospects on social networks automatically and syncing their information with your Customer Relationship Management software (CRM). The software will help you automatically retrieve data from prospect’s social networks such as their phone numbers, and email addresses. Afterward, this information can be imported into your CRM.

SalesIntelligent saves you time from manually searching for prospects and copying & pasting them the data into a prospect’s list. It will also help your sales development teams build a detailed prospecting list equipped with their contact information using the automatic email address discovery feature.

The software allows you build prospects list faster and export them easily to Salesforce or any CRM of your choice. Also, it allows you discover information of prospects which cannot be accessed via social networks. Top brands such as AppHeroes, Sellsy, Wiser, Sotheby’s, OnboardIQ, Squirrly, Brightstar, and Sentinel make use of SalesIntelligent for their prospecting needs.


Accelerate Lead Generation & Automated Contact Info Discovery

The software allows you to triple the number of leads you generate from social networks. While manually generating leads may take you a lot of time, SalesIntelligent has been able to streamline this process and generate leads for you in the shortest amount of time possible. It also has an automatic contact info discovery feature which allows it retrieve prospects email addresses, social media accounts, and phone numbers.

Easy Management

SalesIntelligent software is designed to provide you with a clear and visual interface which allows you easily take actions remain in control of your sales process as well as keep you organized. It provides clarity where you need it the most and lets you find statistics easily. The software is easy to use and has no restrictions.

Import and Export

The software makes it easy to import your data into it or export it to other software. You can export information on prospects from SalesIntelligent into a spreadsheet or Salesforce. It is quite easy to import and export data, and the software integrates perfectly with other CRM.

Capture & Discover Prospects Information

Using SalesIntelligent, you can capture the complete contact information of your prospects from their social media accounts. This information includes first name, last names, email address, social media accounts, industry, location, title, company, phone number and many more. You can also discover hidden information about your prospects that are not readily available.


There is only one pricing plan available to you on SalesIntelligent. It costs $50/month and includes 300 verified prospects per month. However, you can create a custom plan using the rate of $50/month for 300 verified prospects. Whatever the number of verified prospects you require per month, you can easily input it into the site, and the system will have the corresponding amount calculated for you. There is no annual plan for this software, and it also includes Unlimited Users, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, Social Media Accounts, and Salesforce Export.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SalesIntelligent?

SalesIntelligent is a software that helps you and your sales team generate prospects. It also helps you build a powerful and detailed prospects list.

Who can use SalesIntelligent?

Everyone that needs a prospects list or provides any form of business or service to people can make use of SalesIntelligent. It is suitable for all business type including small, medium and large scale businesses.

How much does it cost to use SalesIntelligent?

SalesIntelligent is charged based on the number of prospects you want every month.

How do I determine the amount to pay based on the number of prospects I want on SalesIntelligent?

The SalesIntelligent website allows you to design a custom plan based on the number of prospects you want every month. After typing in the number of prospects you want, the system will automatically determine how much you will be charged for the month.

What features come with the SalesIntelligent custom plan?

All custom plans on SalesIntelligent come with Unlimited Users, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, Social Media Accounts, and Salesforce Export.

Does SalesIntelligent offer users any free trial versions?

Yes, SalesIntelligent offers you a free trial version.

How do I sign up for the free trial version of SalesIntelligent?

To sign up for the free trial version of SalesIntelligent, simply click HERE.

What do verified prospects mean on SalesIntelligent?

Verified prospects on SalesIntelligent are prospects that have had their contact information such as email address discovered and verified by the software.

How many verified prospects can I add to my SalesIntelligent account?

On SalesIntelligent, you can add as many prospects as you want to, but only prospects that have been verified will count against your plan.

What happens to prospects whose email addresses cannot be verified by SalesIntelligent?

For prospects whose email addresses cannot be verified by SalesIntelligent, the software will provide the best guess email address for the prospect.

Do I get charged when SalesIntelligent guesses the email address of a prospect whose email address cannot be verified?

No, SalesIntelligent will not charge you when a guess is made for a prospect’s email address whose email address cannot be verified. The guess will be made free of charge by the software.

How many users can I have on my SalesIntelligent plan?

On SalesIntelligent, you can have as many users as you like on your plan.

Does SalesIntelligent integrate with other software?

Yes, SalesIntelligent integrates perfectly with other software.

What software does SalesIntelligent integrate with?

SalesIntelligent integrates perfectly with Salesforce. However, it can also integrate with any other CRM of your choice.

What kind of support does SalesIntelligent offer its users?

SalesIntelligent offers email support to its users.

How do I contact SalesIntelligent by email?

Send an email to to contact SalesIntelligent by email.

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