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Segment is trusted by thousands of companies as their Customer Data Platform. Collect user data with one API and send it to hundreds of tools or a data warehouse.
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Segment is a customer data management and analytics solution that helps you make sense of customer data coming from multiple various sources. The app integrates with hundreds of other apps, pulling data from these apps into a single platform. It also pulls data from your websites as well as from devices such as mobiles, tablets, browsers, smartwatches, iBeacons, point-of-sale registers, and TVs. You can access all of your data in Segment and automate it to a schematized SQL database using Amazon Redshift to analyze how your product is being used, identify trends, understand revenue, and evaluate campaign performance. Segment stores a copy of your raw data so you can access it anytime.

With Segment, you can export your data to any of your existing, internal systems and apps. You can also replay your historical data into new apps and tools that you have subscribed to or are trialing. Segment's live stream feature lets you view events in real-time such as when someone makes a purchase on your site or app. You can also use the Segment plug-in to integrate Segment with your ecommerce platform.

Data analytics is an integral part of any business endeavor, especially when it comes to the B2B scene. Segment provides businesses with data analytics services that enable them to gather huge amounts of data from multiple sources, and quickly turn it into more comprehensible reports and analytics without breaking a sweat.

With Segment, users can capture any data from any touch point or platform. These platforms and sources can include mobile devices and operating systems, websites, blogs, servers, and cloud-based applications such as CRMs, payment gateways, and more. Segment then streams that data into your preferred destination, whether it be your email inbox, data warehouse, or your company's data analytics engine. It is that simple.

Segment simplifies the data analytics process by providing users with a central point, a single JavaScript client that gathers and aggregates data and then delivers it to your preferred analytics services. That means you do not have to install a separate data analytics application like Google Analytics or Optmizely as Segment enables you to retrieve data and automatically stream them to services that you specified. The solution helps your business to easily integrate and administer analytic tools without having to open, close, or exit from the system. As data analytics becomes a more simple process, Segment reduces the need for marketing people to rely on highly technical staff to help them as they can now manage the analytics tools themselves.

How do I get to the Segment Builder?

You can access the Segment Builder by displaying an existing report and clicking the Segments icon in the left navigation. In the segment rail that displays, then click Add, or at the top of the Segment Manager, clicking + Add.

Can I see all segments in my company?

Yes, Admins can see all segments within the Reports & Analytics user interface.

Why can't I delete a destination?

You cannot delete a destination but you can make it inactive.