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See how this advanced platform accelerates enterprise business execution, improves team collaboration and empowers information workers in new ways.
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Smartsheet is a collaboration tool for your project management needs, team task management, sales pipeline tracking, crowdsourcing, and much more. The software offers businesses and organizations an easy way to collaborate on projects and processes. It can be accessed easily from any browser and device of your choice.

A lot of businesses rely on spreadsheets today to track their finances, as well as create schedules and inventories. Smartsheet effectively combines the ease of use of spreadsheets along with visual timeline management, automatic workflow capabilities, and group file sharing and discussions. It also allows you manage a diverse range of work commitments such as programs, business operations, and projects.

The software redefines how teams collaborate on projects and tasks such as planning events, managing operations, and tracking marketing campaigns. Smartsheet is easy to use and offers a friendly interface, Gantt charts, work automation, and file sharing. The software integrates seamlessly with top web applications such as G Suite, Salesforce, and Box.


Smartsheet empowers your team to carry out their projects with agility, accountability, and speed. Team members can easily configure, improve work processes, and adapt to changes, without the need for any technical resource. By giving users rich context into work processes, the software's Smartsheet enables teams, individuals, and organizations to bring structure to their work. The software provides better project execution for a large percentage of Fortune 500 companies. Using the software, you can also share your data, ensuring that stakeholders are able to view last minute changes at the right time.


With live reports and Smartsheet Sights, you will be provided with the right information, enabling you to make good business decisions. Business heads and their teams can remain on the same page, all the steps of the way. Users can also highlight the data that's very important to their business using the widget-driven dashboards and configurable reports, without the need for any form of support. Smartsheet arms you and team heads with real-time visibility into work progress, by dealing with pressing issues, identifying trends, as well as adapt swiftly to changes in conditions.


You can automate work processes on Smartsheet, by enabling the simple yet powerful automation rules to work in a couple of minutes. The software helps you eliminate productivity killers, and saves you time. You can use the automated updates and actions to receive reminders before task due dates or time, notify users to provide updates, as well as set automatic work processes. By applying automated actions to fluid, changing processes, you can identify easily trouble territories, react swiftly to changes, and unlock your team's capacity to innovate.


Smartsheet offers you 4 pricing options to choose from - The Individual, Team, Business, and Enterprise plans. The Individual plan costs $14/user/month billed annually and users on this plan can collaborate with anyone faster. The Team plan improves team productivity and execution, and costs $15/user/month billed annually. The Business plan at $25/user/month billed annually provides users with the ability to drive execution with automated actions and sights. With the Enterprise plan, you can execute at scale with security, visibility, and control. You'll have to contact Smartsheet support to find out more about the pricing for the Enterprise plan.

Who is the target market for Smartsheet?

Smartsheet is targeted at businesses of all sizes, across all industry types.

Can Smartsheet allow users delete members from the account?

Yes, Smartsheet allows you to add or remove users.

Can I cancel my Smartsheet subscription when I no longer require its services?

With Smartsheet, you can change plans as well as cancel your subscriptions anytime you wish.

What payment options does Smartsheet offer users?

You can make payments to Smartsheet using MasterCard, American Express, Visa, PayPal, Discover and American Express Credit Cards. For annual teams, invoices can be sent to you which can be paid using Credit Card, Wire, ACH, or Check.

What currencies can Smartsheet users make payments with?

Smartsheet accepts payments in Japanese Yen, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, British Pound, and Euro.

What features are available to users on the free version?

On Smartsheet's free version, you can share an unlimited number of collaborators. However, they are limited to only viewing and editing.

Does Smartsheet offer any discounts for non-profit organizations?

Smartsheet supports nonprofits strongly and offers discounts on annual plans. The Individual plan costs a discounted price of $145/year/user, the Team plan is discounted at $149/year/user, and the Business plan costs a discounted price of $249/year.

Where can Smartsheet's mobile apps be downloaded from?

The Smartsheet mobile apps are available for downloads on Google Play for Android devices, and App Store for iOS devices.

What social media platforms can I locate Smartsheet on?

You can find Smartsheet on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google + and YouTube.

What kind of applications can Smartsheet work with?

Smartsheet works with Marketing, Project Management, Software Development, Sales, and Human Recourse software.

How many users are currently on Smartsheet?

Smartsheet is used by 10 million people today in more than 80,000 organizations.

How many languages is Smartsheet available in?

Smartsheet is available for use in 8 languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Japanese.

What is Inc? Inc is a private company that designs and markets Smartsheet applications.

How can I contact Smartsheet to make inquiries and find out more information?

You can contact Smartsheet on 18443242360 to find out more information and make inquiries.