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Compliance System of Record

Stay on top of compliance with a system of record for all your SaaS applications, that always stays up to date.

Audits don't have to be difficult.

Compliance audits require a deep understanding of your key vendors, records of employee access to critical SaaS apps, and processes to ensure that only the right employees have access to key information.

Blissfully makes it easy to track this information in real time by detecting all your vendors, and giving you a platform to manage compliance documentation, approval workflows and more.







system of record

Establish a real-time system of record

Blissfully automatically creates a provisioning record for all of your SaaS applications. Easily search your entire organization by person, app, or team. Export the data to use as a documentation trail for audits and compliance.

Know your vendors

Your company data is spread across all your cloud vendors. Know where your data is to ensure that your vendors meet your compliance needs.


Create custom workflows

Automated IT operations save time, but only capture parts of the process. Blissfully combines automated and manual tasks into one workflow, enabling you to track the entire process, while optimizing the most time consuming parts.

Onboard employees quickly ...and offboard them securely

Make onboarding and offboarding a breeze with an automatically created audit trail of all access granted, detected, and revoked.

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Built for audits

Learn more about how Blissfully is instrumental in passing a SOC 2 Type II audit.

SOC 2 Playbook

The ultimate guide to help ace a SOC 2 audit.