saas spend optimization

SaaS Spend Optimization

Take control of your SaaS spend with complete visibility into all of your apps, subscriptions, and vendor data.

Stop overpaying for SaaS.

It's easy for SaaS spending to get out of control. The average company pays for 20x more SaaS subscriptions than 5 years ago, and gives their team leads flexibility to purchase the SaaS tools they need. This leads to SaaS chaos - IT and Finance are constantly trying to stay up to date with the SaaS apps in use across their organization. Thousands of dollars are left on the table through inactive accounts, overlapping apps, and multiple subscriptions to the same vendor.

Put SaaS control back in the hands of the business operations team. Blissfully lets IT, Finance, and team leaders view organization-wide SaaS usage, cost, and subscription information all in one place. This complete view lets your team immediately find cost savings, and gives you a platform to optimize future spending.






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automatically discover and track saas

Gain visibility into your SaaS spend

See the full picture of your SaaS spending. Blissfully automatically keeps your spend data up to date through integrations with your financial systems, email invoice detection, and SSO usage information. How it works

Forecast with confidence

Create budget forecasts, and automatically check quarterly spending against these forecasts. Segment by app or team, to ensure that team leaders are staying within their SaaS budget.

Surface all of your invoices

Blissfully pulls in invoices from across your organization and links them to account owners, making it that much easier to find the information you need.

Don't miss a renewal

Stay on top of all your subscriptions with customizable renewal reminders.

invoice surfacing
automatically discover and track saas

Find immediate savings

Stop paying for extra licenses and software you no longer use. Identify and eliminate zombie subscriptions in minutes.

Proactively optimize spending

Blissfully analyzes your spend data to give you insights and tips to reduce costs across your organization. Alerts let you know if spend is unusually high.

“I saved $10,000 at least a year on SaaS subscriptions we weren't using with Blissfully. So happy they exist!”

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