vendor management

Vendor Management

Take control of vendor management with a platform built for companies that run on SaaS.

One place to manage all of your SaaS vendors.

The average mid-size company uses over 100 SaaS vendors. Managing approvals, renewals, and compliance for all of these vendors could be a full-time job. Blissfully makes it easy to manage everything related to those vendors, in one place.






Team Lead

Get rid of your spreadsheet

Blissfully tracks all of your vendors, apps, and spend for you.

vendor management

Stay on top of your contracts

Establish a single source of truth, that automatically stays up to date. Centralize all of your key contract information and terms.

Never miss a renewal

Our automatic reminders give you enough time to gather feedback and evaluate competitors before the auto-renewal kicks in.

Include your department leads

Give them the data they need. Let them own vendor relationships without needing access to your financial system.

Get spending under control

Immediately identify wasteful spending across your organization. Stop paying for extra licenses and zombie subscriptions.

approval process

Set up an approval process that works

Create custom, cross-functional approval workflows. Because no matter how your organization is structured, purchasing and approving SaaS vendors involves multiple stakeholders.

Maintain security and compliance

Know all the cloud vendors that have access to your data, and ensure that these vendors meet your compliance needs.

security and compliance