SaaS Spend Optimization and Management

Optimize your spend and management with Blissfully, the real-time source of truth, giving your teams full visibility into your entire app ecosystem.

Zombie Subscription Notice

Find Immediate Savings

Stop paying for extra licenses and software you no longer use. Identify and eliminate lapsed subscriptions in minutes.

Cost Forecasting

Forecast with Confidence

Create budget forecasts and automatically check quarterly spending against them. Segment by app or team to ensure that team leaders are staying within their budget.

Surface All Invoices

Surface All Invoices

Blissfully pulls in invoices from across your organization and links them to account owners, making it that much easier to find the information you need.

Spending Optimization

Proactively Optimize Spending

Blissfully analyzes your spend data to give you insights and tips to reduce costs across your organization. Alerts let you know if spend is unusually high.

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SaaS management is a team sport. Eliminate bottlenecks by giving everyone access to the information and tools they need.

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