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Online gantt chart software to plan and schedule projects in just minutes. Simple project management and project scheduling software for teams.
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TeamGantt is a project management solution that brings your project scheduling online. With this software, you can plan and manage your projects using its easy-to-use Gantt chart interface. The software makes the process easy for everyone on your team, by allowing you to invite your co-workers, teammates, as well as friends to edit and view your Gantt charts. The software makes understanding the charts uncomplicated, by providing you with colorful timeline formats and their corresponding tasks.

Using the software, you can input several projects on a single chart. Your projects are shown as task groups, which are listed according to the sequence they were created. The task group is able to track individual tasks and present project percentage completion collated from tasks to the entire project.

Top brands in the world today rely on the software for their project management needs, including Amazon, Netflix, Nike, Walmart, and Disney. TeamGantt is available on all the mobile device platforms and integrates seamlessly with calendar applications such as Google Calendar and Outlook.

Team Collaboration

TeamGantt does more than project scheduling, it also allows team members to easily and effectively collaborate in many ways. They can make comments on tasks done, files can be imported and attached to one of the tasks, and other members can see these comments and changes in real time. Team members also receive emails daily to remind them of important tasks that they have to get done.

Progress Tracking

This feature allows you to track progress made on tasks easily, with the percentage of progress updated online. You can also place filters, so others can see what tasks are assigned to a particular resource. The filter can be set further by date, so the most important tasks are brought to the forefront. You can place different projects in a single view, in order to easily assess which resources are taking on too many tasks, or what projects are being done at the same time.

Project Planning

The software makes it easy to plan projects by allowing you create tasks to be done online. When the tasks are created, the drag-and-drop feature allows you to place them in any order you see fit and prioritize on the list. You can also extend the duration of tasks done if you were delayed in the process. TeamGantt also allows for dependencies so that each task is done in the right order.


There are 3 pricing options available to you on TeamGantt - The Free, Standard, and Advanced plans. The free plan features 1 Project, 3 Users and Core Planning Features for One Project. The Standard plan features Unlimited Projects, Basic Planning and Management of Projects, and a Minimum of 5 users for $7.90/user/month billed annually. Lastly, the Advanced plan features Unlimited Projects, and all the features on the Standard plan plus Time Tracking, Hourly Resourcing, Actual vs. Estimated Hours, and Minimum of 5 Users. This plan costs $12.45/user/month, billed annually.

How do I save my data on TeamGantt?

With TeamGantt, your data is automatically saved. When you make a change i.e add or schedule a task or update percentile completion, the software automatically saves it for you.

How often is my data saved on TeamGantt?

TeamGantt understands how important your data is to you, which is why it runs an automated back up on your account every 4 hours, every day for the year.

What happens when I lose my data on TeamGantt?

You will be required a nominal fee which allows the software to restore data in the event of a significant loss of error.

How much does TeamGantt charge to restore lost data?

To find out project restoration fee on TeamGantt, send an email to

Can I back up my TeamGantt data myself?

If you wish to back up your TeamGantt data yourself, you can extract and convert the data to PDF or CSV.

How do I export my TeamGantt data?

To export your data on TeamGantt, simply go to Menu > Print/Export PDF or alternatively go to Menu > Export CSV. You can decide to re-import an exported CSV anytime you wish.

Can I delete unwanted comments from my project?

Yes, you can delete unwanted comments from your project. However, only the person who added the comment can delete it. To do so, click on the speech bubble icon, hover over the comment, and then click on Delete my Comment.

Can I delete a user from an account?

Yes, as an account holder, you can remove a user from the account as a whole, as well as the projects contained in it.

How does TeamGantt calculate percentage completion?

TeamGantt's percentage completion is based on the overall duration of the task to be completed in the Gantt chart. For example, a task that will take 1 day to complete will have half the weight as a task that takes 2 days.

Can I translate to another language on TeamGantt?

Any data typed into the software will remain in whatever language was used. However, if you would like the text in the software to appear in another language, it is advised to use Google Chrome browser to translate.

How many character supports does TeamGantt offer users?

At the moment, TeamGantt supports 4 characters, including Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, and Korean.

Where can I find the character support on the software?

The character support is located in the Font Settings.

Does TeamGantt offer free trials?

Yes, TeamGantt offers a 30-days free trial period.

How do I continue to the paid plan after the free period on TeamGantt?

If you desire to continue your access to TeamGantt, you can subscribe to any of the paid plans by going to Account Setting > Subscription > Purchase.

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