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TeamPassword helps you manage and share access to the apps, services, and tools your team needs to keep projects moving.
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TeamPassword is a cloud-based password manager made for groups, businesses, and teams. It is easy to set-up and can store new passwords in seconds. The software is backed by world-class security and makes password management easy and secure. It does not require any installations or configurations, thereby making collaboration easier.

The password manager secures your team by controlling access to your most important data, which if poorly handled, can cripple your business. TeamPassword can accommodate project management for all team sizes, from digital start-ups to growing organizations, the software works for all team sizes. It is suitable for use by Digital Marketing Agencies, Software Design and Development Teams, Creative Agencies, and Tech Start-ups. TeamPassword is available for use around the world.

Easy Accessibility

Using TeamPassword, you can easily manage and access passwords from the web, laptop, mobile devices, and on your desktop. It is also available for use on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browser extensions, providing you with even more speed, to keep your projects moving.

Groups and Sharing

Using the groups and sharing feature, you can quickly share logins and passwords with a selection of team members, or the entire team. If you feel that a team member no longer requires access to the account, they can easily be removed from the group with a simple click.

Provision for Large Teams

If you belong to multiple teams or have a lot of clients, TeamPassword has got you covered. You can use one TeamPassword account to access all the other passwords that you need, all in one place. Whether they are Marketing Groups, Internal Teams, Client Teams, Project Groups, or Operations Group, TeamPassword will accommodate them all.

Password Generator & 2-Step Verification

If you need to create a new password when setting up a private or shared login, the software's built-in password generator can help you generate strong and random passwords on the go. You can also add an additional layer of security to your account by asking for a temporary Google Authenticator code in addition to your account password. The software can help you generate backup codes to ensure that you are never locked out.

Push Notifications

The software notifies you when changes happen in your team such as addition or removal of passwords. You will receive an email notification when any important action has taken place. You can set the software to notify you when a team member has been invited or removed, as well as when a group has been created.


TeamPassword offers you 4 pricing options to choose from - The Starter, Standard, Plus and Premium plans. The Starter plan can accommodate up to 5 people and costs $15/month. The Standard plan costs $30/month and can take up to 15 people. The Plus plan costs $60/month and can take up to 30 people. Lastly, at $100/month, the Premium plan can accommodate 50 people.

How long does the free trial version of TeamPassword last for?

The free trial of TeamPassword lasts for 14 days.

What features does TeamPassword offer user on the free version?

TeamPassword's free version offers users a maximum of 2 users and 5 projects. All the other functions of the software are available on the paid plans.

Does the software require users to input their credit card details in order to use the free trial?

No. TeamPassword does not require credit card details for the free trial.

How secure is TeamPassword?

TeamPassword is very secure. The software makes use of AES-256 and Bcrypt Encryption Technology, Obfuscated PHP, Two-factor Authentication, IP Address Blocking, and Web Application Vulnerabilities Prevention.

Does the software support 2-Factor Authentication?

Yes, TeamPassword supports 2-Factor Authentication using Google Authenticator.

Can I use TeamPassword as my personal password manager?

Using TeamPassword for your personal password manager is probably overkill. However, if you are a consultant or freelancer and you need to share passwords and logins with your clients, contractors, and partners, TeamPassword is ideal for you.

What does TeamPassword mean when it says it is a self-hosted web app?

What this means is that you must install the software on your server which could be your personal computer or company server.

What is a project on TeamPassword?

On TeamPassword, a project can be anything you wish, from a website or SEO project to a server, building, or a client.

How does the password sharing feature work on TeamPassword?

The password sharing feature on TeamPassword works like this: For a project, a password is created. The project is then granted access to all or specific users, such that all the passwords of the project can be accessed by users who access the project. Access to projects is given by the Admin or Project Manager.

Who is a Project Manager on TeamPassword?

A project manager is a person that creates a project. This person has the ability to add and remove members from the team.

Can TeamPassword be installed on a shared hosted server?

Yes, TeamPassword can be installed on a shared hosted server. However, it is strongly advised against. Doing this can compromise your data because a shared server on a hosting service shares the same database and web server between many users.

Who is a named user on TeamPassword?

A named user is any user that posses login credentials such as usernames, email addresses, and passwords.

What steps should be taken if the information for a license is lost?

Using the same email address used when the license was bought, send an email to You will be asked some information for verification.

Can the same TeamPassword license be used on more than one installation?

The same license can be used on one production, test, or backup installation. However, for more than 1 production, test, or backup installation, the same license cannot be used.