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saas subscription management

Ditch the Spreadsheet: A Smarter Way for SaaS Subscription Management

Did you know that the average mid-size business uses 137 SaaS applications? Yet, despite those high numbers, most businesses still track their SaaS app usage with an Excel or Google spreadsheet. If you’re one of them, you probably know how unwieldy and inefficient this can be. Yet most...

IT Career

7 Tips to Start Your IT Career from IT Leaders

According to Forbes, software and IT jobs will double in 10 years. David Moise, CEO of Decide Consulting, says, “While COVID-19 slowed the pace, it did not derail the technology job growth.” So, what could this growth mean for you? If you hire talent, know that this shift could affect...

May 11, 2021 in
workflow management

The Ultimate Guide to Workflow Management

Workflows help you get work done by completing a sequence of tasks. Moreover, they’re how you get repetitive tasks done, over and over again. If designed well, workflows can save you and your company time and money. For the most part, workflows are useful—that is, until they become unruly...

April 23, 2021 in
cloud migration

Cloud Migration: Why And How Everyone Is “Moving To The Cloud”

The cloud. Even its name sounds as foggy as trying to reach and touch the real thing. We get it. Not to mention, you might not get exactly what it does and why it’s vital to advance your business. The cloud is not always an easy concept to grasp, especially when it comes to migration.

April 16, 2021 in
IT Audit

IT Audit: A Guide to Run a Comprehensive Audit

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things” — Peter Drucker. In our post, “SaaS User Management: How to Track Employee SaaS Usage,” we quoted Peter Drucker. In addition to the above quote, he said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”...

April 12, 2021 in
what is compliance

What Every SaaS Business Should Know About Compliance

Compliance doesn’t have to be an intimidating 10-letter word. In fact, meeting SaaS compliance requirements could bring security to your infrastructure and protect your customers. Being compliant could also instill trust with your customers and potential clients, helping grow your company....

business impact analysis

How to Run a Business Impact Analysis for Your SaaS Stack

If recent history has taught us anything about business continuity, it’s that business interruptions can come at any time for any amount of time. If you’ve experienced these disruptions, maybe you’ve had to “pivot” your operations and reconsider your SaaS stack lineup....

March 30, 2021 in
IT Asset Management Best Practices

7 IT Asset Management (ITAM) Best Practices [For 2021]

Want to implement IT asset management in your company, but not sure how to do it right? You could have the most advanced ITAM tool but if you don’t know how to take advantage of it, your results will be less than satisfying. To get the most out of your IT asset management solution, you

November 2, 2020 in
Work from home

18+ Best Remote Work Tools in 2021 [All Use-Cases]

It’s a new, remote-office world out there, and now that we’re all remote here are some awesome tools and resources. At Blissfully, we’ve been working fully remotely for the past 3 months, but about one third of our team was already remote, so luckily we didn’t have much of a...

July 1, 2020 in