Why Your Company Needs a SaaS System of Record

Team leaders throughout the years have relied on technology systems of record to keep their data org

April 17, 2019 in

How to Build Your SOC 2 Compliance Stack

At Blissfully, we went through the SOC 2 compliance process just a few months after raising our firs

April 4, 2018 in

How Kisi Helps Manage Building Access

Recently, we created The Blissfully SOC 2 Compliance Playbook, showing you some of our favorite tool

April 2, 2018 in

SOC 2 and Data Access Controls: What You Need to Know

Guest post by Schuyler Brown, co-founder strongDM As a part of our Blissfully SOC 2 compliance serie

March 29, 2018 in

Why We Did our SOC 2 Audit a Month After our Seed Round

Most companies wait until their B or C round (or later) to start tackling key industry security audi

March 26, 2018 in