A vendor approval workflow showing that one must conduct a security assessment and review an annual budget. These are two important steps in the SaaS Vendor Relationship

How to Create Approval Workflow – 4 Easy Steps [Updated 2021 Edition]

Businesses have to deal with tons of approval processes daily. If you want a Leave of Absence, you need approval. Want to make a purchase for your department? You need approval. What about hiring a new employee? You need to submit a New Hire Request. For many businesses, this means piles...

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Product Update Jan 2020: Assign tasks to teams, Expensify integration, and more!

The Blissfully team is starting off 2020 with a few new product features! 🎊🎊 We’re continuing to launch new capabilities to help with your SaaS Management New Year Resolutions. 👥Task Owner Roles Blissfully’s workflows allow you distribute tasks to different...

January 29, 2020 in
Chart showing saas stack turnover

SaaS Stack – How to Optimize for Flexibility

There’s a good chance that at least one of those hot new SaaS apps you’re about to implement organization-wide is going to be replaced in a year. Whether due to acquisition, funding woes, or a well-publicized security breach, some apps simply don’t stand the test of time. Others will...