SaaS Spend Optimization

SaaS Best Practices for Finance Departments

A detailed SaaS management strategy for Finance to make SaaS work for you, not you for SaaS Software

SaaS Spend Optimization for Finance Departments

How Finance can Carry Out Stress-Free SaaS Spend Optimization For medium and large scale businesses,

November 11, 2019 in

Orphaned Subscriptions: The SaaS Problem You’re Unaware Of

Over the last decade, business IT has changed significantly. Computing has become more distributed,

IT Budget in 2019: Software vs. Hardware

Did you know that in 2018, the average cost per employee of SaaS subscriptions ($2,884) was higher t

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Five Important Questions About SaaS To Ask At Your Business

SaaS Today: More Popular Than Ever. SaaS usage is accelerating at a rapid pace across businesses of

Account for SaaS Spend in Your Bookkeeping – How To

Guest post by: Jaren Nichols, Chief Operating Officer at Zipbooks Keeping accurate books may seem sl

SaaS Spend Optimization with Blissfully – How We Help

By: Ariel Diaz Both SaaS spending and the amount of app subscriptions per company are expected to do

SaaS Spend to double by 2020. Will you be ready?

SaaS adoption has dramatically transformed the workplace. The apps we use have become one of the mos