SaaS Spend Optimization


5 Ways IT Improves Business Cost-efficiency

Have you ever taken a shortcut? Did you think that by taking the shortcut, you would save time or money…but, in the end, the shortcut ended up costing you more than you bargained? You don’t need to be an economist to know that business shortcuts can sometimes cost more than we planned....

Money Wasted on Saas

The Rise of SaaS Waste (and How To Stop It)

SaaS waste is becoming one of the most pervasive issues modern businesses face. According to the 2020 SaaS trends report, the average company wastes around $135,000 annually on SaaS tools they don’t really need or use. Some SaaS waste stems from companies paying for multiple tools that solve...

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5 Hidden Costs of SaaS (and How to Prevent Them)

In 2021, SaaS adoption will be more pervasive than ever before. According to the global CIO survey by Deloitte, an average of 22% of company IT budgets go to cloud-based tools and services. Unfortunately, as this number continues to grow, companies are increasingly unable to effectively track...

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SaaS Best Practices for Finance Departments

A detailed SaaS management strategy for Finance to make SaaS work for you, not you for SaaS Software usage is evolving, and so is software management. As SaaS becomes the standard model for software, SaaS spend wastage is becoming more common, making SaaS best practices for finance a greater...

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SaaS Spend Optimization for Finance Departments

How Finance can Carry Out Stress-Free SaaS Spend Optimization For medium and large scale businesses, tracking SaaS spend and building an agile framework for SaaS spend optimization is a task that might keep the finance team up at night. But if SaaS management and spending optimization are not...

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Orphaned Subscriptions per Company

Orphaned Subscriptions: The SaaS Problem You’re Unaware Of

Over the last decade, business IT has changed significantly. Computing has become more distributed, portable, and personal due to the popularity of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model of distribution. Previously, IT would purchase a software product and own the installation process across...

IT Budget in 2019: Software vs. Hardware

Did you know that in 2018, the average cost per employee of SaaS subscriptions ($2,884) was higher than the cost of a new laptop ($1,299 for an Apple Macbook Pro)? And, as more companies move to run entirely on SaaS, the software vs. hardware spending gap is likely to widen. In this post...

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SaaS Spend to double by 2020. Will you be ready?

SaaS adoption has dramatically transformed the workplace. The apps we use have become one of the most personal parts of our jobs. This trend might have started with marketing teams pulling away from IT to make their own software decisions, but It turns out every team wants the freedom to choose...