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Typeform is a well-designed online survey software application that helps small business owners create and distribute surveys to key audiences. Typeform is a survey software application that helps you create online surveys that are unique and memorable. Available completely online, it offers two plans: the free basic package and the PRO plan, which offers features designed to meet the needs of small business owners. This survey software application is one of the best at merging design principles and question-building practices that help you get the most out of each survey. The support team is ready and willing to help you create the best online surveys possible.

When you think of a form, the first thing that likely comes to mind are the incredibly confusing and time-consuming forms for taxes, university and visa applications, and more. There are simpler forms like contact forms on websites and signup forms for loyalty cards, but they're still far from fun. And yet, Typeform aims to make forms fun and whimsical, so much so that you'll want to fill them out. They've decided forms can be everything from the standard application and contact forms all the way to interactive menus and digital storybooks.

Creating a survey using Typeform's online platform is easy and quick. The icons for adding questions are clearly marked and state exactly what they do. This service also does not limit how many questions you can ask per survey. The whole platform is designed in a drag-and-drop format, so the software is extremely quick and easy to learn. This makes editing and rearranging questions hassle-free, and it doesn't consume massive amounts of your time. There are tools to give your survey a customized look and feel. You can even customize the buttons and icons that respondents use to rank things and give feedback.

At Typeform, making forms is as easy as a walk in the park. With a drag and drop feature along with the availability of numerous items, you get a lot of flexibility and ease in creating forms of your liking. The questions types may include multiple choice questions, pictures to choose from, rating scales, and opinion scales allow you to cater to the multiple interests of your target audience. Moreover, the interactive and user-friendly interface of Typeform acts as the cherry on the top to create exciting and meaningful forms and surveys. The free API provided by Typeform is developed keeping in mind the practical application and easy deployment. The API allows you to integrate your surveys and forms with other applications. Along with the free API, Typeform has data export options that make your job more convenient.

What's Typeform's Pricing?

Pricing model: Freemium, Open-source, Subscription. FREE to collect unlimited responses from as many CORE typeforms as you want. PRO PLAN costs $25/month or $240/year (20% discount) to collect unlimited responses from as many PRO typeforms as you want. A PRO typeform is a typeform using any or all of the following PRO features: Logic Jump, Respondent Notifications, Hidden Fields, Typeform brand removal, or Payments Collection (Stripe).

What do I use Typeform for?

Typeform can be used for anything you can think of, from getting feedback on your project, to organizing a birthday party, to applications for accelerator.

Where do I find the data I collected?

You can find the Report (you also have the option of copying the link and sharing it for further distribution) under the Analyze panel, Reports section of your typeform.

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